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Our philosophy and goal is to raise awareness of holistic and complimentary therapies and to offer our clients a balanced healthcare approach that combines both natural and alternative therapies and exercise programs for their wellbeing and a better quality of life.

If you are looking for help with a health problem, or you feel stressed, or you would like a healthier lifestyle, the Cyprus Holistic Centre is the place for you.

Why do we need a holistic centre in Cyprus?

If you have a problem and the conventional medical approach has done little to help or guide you, then maybe it’s time to look at an alternative approach and try something different. With the right treatment and advice many people can improve significantly or fully recover.Here are the services that we offer at the Cyprus Holistic Centre.

Basic Health Assessment

The Basic Health Assessment is the observation of the systems of the body. The assessment is typically preformed to check for abnormalities or to set a baseline for existing abnormalities in order to monitor for changes from that baseline to determine if a condition is improving or getting worse.

Emotional Mastery and Optimum Health

The basic health assessment include a comprehensive health history and physical examination performed by a natural health practitioner, specializing in preventive health. The basic health assessment consist of weight analysis, body weight measurement, blood pressure reading, body fat screening, acid and alkaline assessment. Also a visual observation assessing and identifying any biological and bio chemistry imbalances.

We are a group of health professionals integrating old and new approach to health treatments. We combine modern peer reviewed medical treatments with more traditional ones in order to maximize the benefits. In addition we are free from the sometimes too closed reductionist approach that many Doctors in the medical field have.

Many diseases can be treated with a proper diet, supplements and natural hormones. Acupuncture and Regenerative medicine are also highly valuable as well as the use of natural substances that albeit being very powerful are not normally used in current day clinical practice with a few exceptions.

If you are looking for help with a health problem, or you feel stressed, or you would like a healthier lifestyle, or you like to feel and be! younger, then the Cyprus Holistic Centre is your clinic of choice.

Our team here at the Cyprus Holistic Centre will offer you a wide range of healthcare therapies and treatments in a friendly, welcoming and relaxing environment.

Cyprus Holistic Centre Reviews (10)

Janette K
The holistic centre is a great place for relaxing treatments. Although it is a small spa it is packed full of wonderful treatments by fantastic staff. Penny the owner is a wonderful lady and is passionate about her services. I have had one of the most wonderful reflexology treatments I have ever experienced with penny's therapist clementine. All treatments carried out are with well trained and very knowledgeable. The couples massage is also very good. Don't take my word just go and book a treatment.
Karen S
I visit this place regularly, Owner Penny has got to be one of the nicest people i know, she is so friendly and very caring. Both myself and my daughters use Penny for various treatments. The treatments are excellent all within a tranquil air conditioned room

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