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Big Apple Yoga was born from the desire to share both my passion for yoga and its ability to enhance our daily lives. "New Yorker" become Parisian, I have not managed to find the atmosphere of New York yoga studios and the dynamic approach of yoga taught in the US. So I wanted to create my own studio .

The History of Big Apple Yoga

The spirit of Big Apple Yoga is to be primarily a meeting place where people gather for fun to practice yoga, but also a place where one feels good, a place to share with others types of yoga, music, dance and other forms of practices to flourish and knowing better. Yoga can be practiced by everyone: young and old, women and men, beginners and experienced yogis!

  • Regular practice of yoga is a positive experience but also a pleasant way to take care of yourself and feel better every day. Yoga also helps to change the way of life stresses and joys of everyday life.
  • Our Mission: Our goal is to make you practice a dynamic yoga, relaxing but also entertaining for the body as for the mind. We want to make yoga accessible to all working with each individual as they are.

Big Apple Yoga Was Born from a deep love of yoga and Its Ability to enrich our everyday lives. A New Yorker gone Parisian, I Was not reliable to find a yoga studio in Paris with the vibe That I Knew and loved from New York. From my passion and desire to share this dynamic and light-spirited approach with my French friends and community, Cam my dream to create one.

Big Apple ict community values and desires more than all to be a place Where people come to practice, grow, feel good and share with others-yoga, music, dance and all forms of movement --other self-discovery are welcome gold! Yoga is for everyone: young and old, women and men, beginners and seasoned yogis alike!

  • We Believe That yoga exchange lives and That a regular yoga practice can be a positive experience as well as a fun way to take care of yourself and feel better Each and every day.
  • Mission statement: Our aim is to Provide a down-to-earth and fun-loving approach to yoga. Our desire is to make yoga available to all by working with Each individual as They Are.

Come as you are!

Big Apple Yoga Sudio Reviews (2)

Matthew Blancett
I can't thank NYYoga enough for their role in my wonderful vacation in Paris. Just enough English translations for me to coexist, without excessive time spent translating everything. Excellent adjustments which were appropriate to my level. Nice to have a few other experienced yogi men practicing as well. Note: The classes are a bit longer than I was accustomed to attending and I don't think that's clearly communicated. Somewhere around 90 minutes are to be expected here.
Sarah Tishler
I had been looking everywhere for a real NY style yoga studio in Paris when I moved here this past summer, and this is the place. Exceptional teachers who always play great music in classes, and a great mind-body combination in every practice and style. Could not recommend this great community enough. It would also be perfect for those visiting Paris for a short time, who are looking for a couple of English language classes to keep their practice going while abroad. Love you guys!

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