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Fl'air Studios - Aerial Arts and Fitness

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Fl'air Studios - Aerial Arts and Fitness

15 Reviews
Diana Bauer
The atmosphere was just very good, it's a lot of fun to learn the techniques of Aerial Silks, even though it's a bit tiring at first. You definitely felt like you did something after the course 🙂 The team is very friendly and the course participants help each other. All in all: I am very excited and will be back!
Julia Hjelm
So blessed to have found this amazing studio! Recently I started going to Aerial Hoop classes, and I love everything about it. The atmosphere is safe, the instructors are great and people behind the desk are so nice to you. You get to try quite challenging things early on if you want to, but they are always there to support and give alternative exercises so that you can adjust to your own level. This has been great for me and sparked hope that I do have some potential to improve a lot, and quite fast, at this if I want to. I went there with the mindset that this would be a fun thing to try, but way too difficult for me since I had no previous experience... It was however love at first sight and after a few classes I feel more motivated and inspired than ever, because of how competent this place is. Highly recommend!

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