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Jivamukti Yoga School

4.5 (15 reviews) 4 Views Yoga Studio Berlin, Berlin

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Jivamukti Yoga School

15 Reviews
Johannes Niederhut
Remarkable. This is probably the word that best describes this beautiful place Moritz and Niklas - so all teachers - have created. I have practiced Yoga for many years, though Jivamukti accelerated my progress mentally and physically. Honestly, it really is hard to describe, but every single time I walk into this Yoga School the class serves me just perfectly. I recommend to just try it out yourself - you will not regret.
Mila Milena
My favorite place to do yoga in the whole city, after having tried different ones... They offer a unique experience, not only psychologically but sensory. Every teacher shares his vision, while playing always wonderful music on the background and dividing the class into meditation, asanas and mantras. If you are lucky you'll get a massage that refreshes you while exercising. Wonderful.

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Glogauer Str. 19, 10999 Berlin, Germany
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