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Dhamma Kanana Balaghat Vipassana Meditation Centre

4 (1 reviews) 3792 Views Vipassana Meditation Centre Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh

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Dhamma Kanana Balaghat Vipassana Meditation Centre

1 Reviews
g gani
Travel guide::: center is located at the outskirts of a small town called balaghat it is 3 hours of reach for a train from nagpur city which itself is well connected from all the major cities of India with bus,train and flights. TRAIN::: nearest major station is gondia.there are many trains to reach gondia from nagpur. From gondia station there is one local train for every three hours to reach balaghat. Once you reach balaghat railway station you can hire an auto directly to center which may cost around 150 rupees. Or you can go to the bus stand by any auto (may cost 10 rupees) again there you can catch a bus for the center(cost 10 rupees). You have to get down at renkatola stop just meters after crossing river son bridge.... From there you can walk to the center about 2kms or may agian hire an auto (costs 50 rupees) to the center. THERE IS one more way reaching center. Every local train that you board at gondia to reach balaghat will also go to a station called gharra. Instead of getting down at balaghat one can also getoff at gharra station but problem in getting down here is you hardly find any vehicle to reach meditation center which is about 2.5 kms from gharra station. Occasionally you may get lift but it is not certain. COMING to the center it is surrounded by a lush green forest. You feel somuch peace with fresh air and birds chirpings and almost zero noise. Fecilities provided are good. There are two sharing rooms but with less number of students attending you may not have another guy in your room. Food is tasty but you may have to adjust with water taste as I have raised this problem with management as they also assured to solve you may have tasty water by the time you reach the center Be happy.....


There are no charges for the accommodation. All expenses are met by donations from people who, having completed a course and experienced the benefits of Vipassana, wish to give others the opportunity to also benefit. 



The center provides simple, wholesome, vegetarian meals, without subscribing to any particular food philosophy. The Dhamma servers, like all students, are expected to accept what is offered in a spirit of renunciation. Because meals prepared and served at courses are completely vegetarian, food containing alcohol or liqueur, eggs or food containing eggs (some baked goods, mayonnaise, etc.), or cheese with animal rennet, may not be brought to the center. In general, any food from outside should be kept to an absolute minimum. Servers observe Five Precepts and may therefore have a meal in the evening if they wish. Fasting is not permitted. 

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Balaghat Vipassana Center - DHAMMA KANANA, - Dhamma Kanana, Rengatola, P.O.- Garra, . C.G., Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh 481331,
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