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About Skm Siddha And Ayurveda Center

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Packages (9)

1. Panchakarma Program ( Detoxification )
2. Brimhana Therapy
3. Health & Longevity Treatment
4. Anti-stress Treatment
5. Arthritis Program ( Rheumatoid / Gout )
6. Sodhana Treatment
7. Pain-relief-program ( Low Back/ Neck / Knee Pain )
8. Obesity Treatment
9. Rejuvenation Treatment



Siddha, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic, Knee Pain, Rejuvenation, Low back pain, Stress Relief, Relaxation, Weight Reduction, Ayurvedic Massage,Herbal Pool ,Besides reducing body heat and pain, helps in total rejuvenation. A luxury herbal pool to suit your requirements, After analyzing your body constitution and health is the highlight of SKM chikichalaya.


A well-organized library, with a dynamic, stimulating and motivational environment, contains many spiritual books, medicinal books etc.


Prevention and cure of disease include changes in the lifestyle and food habits. So the food is prepared under the guidance of a dietician who is trained in natural and herbal food preparations. We at SKM chikichaalaya provide you with balanced herbal vegetarian diet including organic vegetables cultivated in our own organic farm and herbal garden. We offer you both traditional and continental food, recommended by our doctors, pertaining to your body constitution and health condition.

Herbal Garden

We have two organic herbal gardens, one to provide herbs for our pharmaceutical industry manufacturing siddha, Ayurvedha and Unani medicines and the other to provide vegetables and herbs for our hospital and RETREAT.

Facilities (On extra Payment) REIKI - a touch healing therapy you can experience and/or learn it yourself(Certificate course)! Integrated certificate course on yoga & Ayurveda. Mail, fax and courier services Laundry Dental appointments or any other specialities Local trips to nearest temples, dams and hill stations Air, Rail or Bus recervations Car rentals Physiotherapy,– If needed (Traction, ultra sound, IFT etc.) Any additional treatment, if necessary will be discussed with the client and charged extra.

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