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Munkudil Ayurveda Yoga Retreat

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As you walk through the gate to Munkudil you can feel the gentle energy here. A zen garden, birds singing and panoramic mountain and river views all welcome you to this very special place.

Munkudil looks somewhat like an art gallery. An group of artists stayed here for one year and used variety of organic mediums for the unique Ayurveda Yoga inspired art that you will see throughout the house.

Construction started in 2005

Reached concept level in 2017

12 years Adventure with Art and Architecture

Why Choose Munkudil?

Munkudil is a luxury Ayurveda Yoga retreat in the midst of thick forest, mountains and rivers. It is located in the Thattekkadu Salim Ali bird sanctuary, on the banks of the Kuttampuzhayar river in the heart of Kerala, surrounded by rich flora and fauna.

The property looks a lot like an art gallery from inside out to outside in.
An artist team stayed here for one year and used a variety of organic mediums for these unique yoga ayurveda inspired creations. Adding the green element ideas to make a full theme resort was a time-consuming task, and it took around 2 years of patience and nurturing.

A Jomy Thomas Dream

Jomy, the creator and founder of Munkudil is 50 years old and currently settled in UK with his family.

Jomy completed Electronic Engineering in India, Power Engineering in Canada and a professional training in Electrics from UK. As he had a passion for Nature and Naturopathic sciences since his childhood, he then completed a Part-time diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic sciences.

He has attended many other nature / health-oriented programs. While learning all of these, he dreamed about creating a natural shelter on earth with all of the gifts of nature, which has now resulted in the creation of Munkudil.

Construction of Munkudil started in 2005. Jomy was in Canada at that time and travelled many times to discuss various green aspects of the build with experts in India. There was a lot of effort, pain and patience involved in creating all of the features which were so lovingly handmade on site.

Adding the green ideas to make a full theme was a time-consuming task, so full construction took a long time to eventually finish in 2017.



Munkudil Ayurveda Yoga Retreat offers accommodation as follows

We have 7 rooms in total. Every room has its own specialities and each one is made slightly different, but all with the yoga- meditation- green aspects/ theme in mind. Except the tree house and all rooms are river facing with panoramic views.

Munkudil has its own Kadavu (boat jetty) which is another unique feature. Our wild life sightseeing and photography boating trips start right from here.


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Njayappilly, Thattekkadu, Kuttampuzha, Kerala, India - 686681
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