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Ayurvedic pharmacology is based upon the concepts of Rasa, Guna, Veerya, Vipaka and Prabhava of the Dravya used to prepare the medicine. Ayurvedic Treatments differ from the majority of conventional cures in its unique approach towards healing. Rather than trying to cure a disease in isolation, Ayurveda takes into account an individual in his entirety.

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Ayurvedic treatment centre at Guruvayur providing authentic ayurveda treatments for different diseases. ayurveda Treatment for low back pain, Ayurveda Treatment for neck pain ,Ayurveda treatment for arthritis, ,Ayurveda treatment for Diabetes, Ayurveda treatment for Infertility, Ayurveda treatment for Neurological disorders, Rejuvenation therapy, Ayurveda treatment for lifestyle disease, Beaut.

Ashtavidya Tradition

Ayurvedam had developed along two scientific streams- "Sasthrakriya" (surgery) and "Chikilsa" (Treatment).The surgeons are called "Dhanwanthareeyans"and the physicians , "Bharadwajeeyans" The luminaries of that period were Sushruthan for Salyackikilsa (surgery) and Charakan for Kaya Chikilsa (Medicines). However , in brief, the origin of Ashtavaidyas can be taken as from Vagbhata who tried to integrate these two branches. Ashtangahredayam and Samgraham are the two texts complete in all respects written by Vagbhata and practiced by all AshtangaAyurvedavaidyas in Kerala.

Ashtavaidyas are the practitioners of Ayurveda , having expertise in all the eight branches of medicines. The eight branches are Kaya Chikitsa (Gen. Medicine), BalaChikitsa (Paediatrics) ,GrahaChikitsa (Psychiatry), OordhwangaChikitsa (ENT, Neurology, Dentistry, Ophthalmology), SalyaChiktsa (Surgery), DhamshtraChikitsa (Toxicology), JaraChikitsa (Geriatrics) and VrishaChikitsa (Gynaecology and Rejuvanative therapy).

Ashtangahridaya/ Ashtangasamgraha written by the sage Vagbada are the two most popular medical texts containing a complete knowledge of these eight branches. The term Ashtavaidyan is derived from the term Ashtangavaidyan; ashta means eight, anga means branch and vaidya means physician. In the past, there were about eighteen families belonging to this blessed group of physicians .

Now only few of them are in the field .PulamantholeMooss, ThaikkatMooss, ElayidathThekkatMooss, AlathurNambi ,VayaskaraMooss, OlassaMooss, CheerattamannuMooss and Vaidyamadham are the prominent among them. All Ashtavaidyas belong to Dhanwanthareeya Group. While Vaidyamadham alone represents the Bharadwajeeyans. . Lord Dakshinamoorthy (form of Lord Siva in meditation) is the Paradevatha (Presiding Deity of the family) of Vaidyamadhamwhere as Lord Dhanwanthary (another form of Mahavishnu) is the paradevata of other Ashtavaidyas generally.

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Facilities 20 beautifully furnished spacious bed rooms with attached bathroom and toilets. Some of the classical features of Heritage rooms are : Each rooms are named with ELEMENTS of life. Furnished with antiques. The roof are paneled with wooden pallets to maintain the temperature. Colonial ethnic flooring with large windows for better air circulation. Classical paintings which depicts the Kerala's culture, art forms and festivals. Other features Each rooms are equipped with telephones and WiFi 24 hours hot water in all rooms Natural organic water for the toilets. All the rooms are decorated and furnished keeping in view to depict the ecstasies of the past, giving the guest a feel of the royal living. Library Perumbayil Ayurvedamana library holds an immense collection of books and manuscripts that are illustrative examples of's proud cultural heritage. the library holds works on a wide range of subjects namely Ayurveda, Hasthi Ayurveda, Visha chikilsa , Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Ithihasas, Dharmasasthras, Jyotisha, Ganitha, Kosha, Vyakarana, Chandas, Shilpa and Vasthu Sasthra . Thantras, Manthras, Sthothras, Music etc. Private Herbal Garden Ayurveda mana is been surrounded by rich vegetation of herbals and medicinal plants which can generate positive energy in your body and mind. Some of the herbs which you can find in the surroundings are Aambal, Arayaal, Asoka, Avanekku, Ayamodakam, Brahmi, Chempakam, Chemparuthi, Cherupunna, Inchi, Jaathi etc., Yoga Room Yoga is a science as well as a method of achieving spiritual harmony through the control of mind and body. The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word Yug, ""to join"" or ""to unite"" and indicates the total integration of the individual soul with the supreme soul to obtain relief from pain and suffering. The Asanas (Yogic postures) and Pranayama (control of breath) are practices that not only help to acquire perfect health but also to develop a calm and serene mind. The Asanas induce a sense of physical and mental relaxation. The yogic postures not only produce simple muscular actions but they also rehabilitate the various vital organs. The practice of Asanas should ideally be followed by the Pranayama. (Pranayama is Yogic breathing where by the diaphragm rather than the upper chest wall, is moving.) The resultant breath is deep and oxygenates the lower portion of the lungs. Correct practice of Pranayama under the supervision of a competant Yoga teacher can dramatically reduce the incidence of Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinus problems and Colds.

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