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About Jogi Ayurveda Clinic And Panchakarma Hospital


JOGI Ayurved Hospital is located in Surat, Gujarat. The team is led by one of the leading Ayurveda Practitioner of: Dr. Devangi Nilesh Jogal, M.D. (Ayu.), Double Gold Medalist.We strive to provide an EFFICIENT, SURE & SAFE treatment of chronic as well as acute diseases. The word Panchakarma means five different actions (pancha = five; karma = action).

These are five broad groups of different specific procedures of Ayurveda. These procedures are unique purification procedure advocated for quick recovery from chronic disorders. Chronic ailments are the results of long term suppression of toxins inside the body. By Panch Karma, the excessive level of toxic substances which are known as “Dosha” are expelled out of the body by various physical harmless procedures of Panch Karma. Thus a long-term and extremely profound purification of the body is achieved. It is quick acting therapy for the chronic diseases and have long lasting effect. For healthy people, there is a clear increase in zest, vitality, and performance.

In order to prepare body for the main procedure, pre-procedures are carried out before the Main Procedure. The main procedure is followed by post-procedure called Sansarjan Kram.

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