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The Art Of Living Centre

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The Art Of Living Centre

1 Reviews
Abhishek Jaiswal
One of the best place in Varanasi. There you get to know about yourself, learn meditation, do creative things, a lot of enjoy n fun was involving there. Every Thursday there is Satsang. Every Sunday there is weekly follow up in the morning where you do exercise, asanas, Pranayam,kriya and meditation. Destress yourself by visiting there. There you meet a lot of variety of people and they all are good by nature wise . It is situation on third floor of that building. I love to go there. Many people get out of depression n many others problems of life. Many things to say but can't review so much. You must visit there n explore yourself n place.

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Happiness Center ART OF LIVING, Harsh Hospital Near Bhelupur Police Station, Bhelupur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
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