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AYURVEDA CHIKITSA (TREATMENT) (OLEATION) ABHYANGA Abhianga is an external oleation therapy. This massage is done in 7 postures. Massage on the body must be done for 30-45 minutes for a period of 7/14/21 days depending on the severity of the disease. This treatment prevent ageing, softens skin, reduce wrinkles, relieves tiredness and weakness. Improves the eyesight, circulation and general health of the individual. Induce good sleep and strengthens body and sense organs. According to the constitution and diseases of the individual various ayurvedic oils are used. SHIRO ABHYANGA (head massage) Shiras means head , Abhianga means massage. Shiroabhianga is the application of the oil on the head. The head is the most important organ of the body where all the sense organs are located (eyes, ears, nose, tongue). This treatment relieves the headache, stiffness and tension in the head. Prevents hair fall, improves blood circulation, drains accumulated toxins and relaxes body and mind. Various hair oils are used for different benefits like to improve the memory and the sleep, reduce the stress, promote hair growth and cool the head. MUKHABYANGA (face massage) Application of herbal oil or paste on the face followed by massage. A regular face massage keeps the face clean and healthy by removing facial toxins, prevents sagging of the skin and reduce stress and stiffness. SWEDA CHIKITSA (SUDATION TREATMENT) This is an important swedana treatment made in 7 different postures of the patient used for treating different diseases like arthritis, body pain, back pain, paralysis, asthma etc. ELAKIZHI – PATTIS POTALI SWEDA ( bolus bag massage with medicinal leaves) This is a very common treatment in Kerala. The body of the patient will be anointed and abhianga is performed and the bolus bag are applied all over the body. Different varieties of leaves can be used like Tamarind, Eucaliptus, Neem, Dhatura etc.. This type of massage has to be done for 30-45 minutes for 7 days. It is very good for diseases like arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain. Improves muscle strength, skin complexion and nourish the bones. NAVARAKIZHI-SHASHTIKA PINDA SWEDA (bolus bag massage with medicated rice) Navara rice is one kind of medicated rice, after boiled is cooked with cow’s milk and bala decoction. The procedure is the same of elakizhi but this massage is done for 60-90 minutes for 7 days. The duration of the treatment depends always from the condition of the patient. This treatment is very useful for nourish and rejuvenate the body because removes the waste products, cleans the channels of circulation, gives softness to the skin. It cures diseases of the nervous system, is a treatment for persons suffering of high blood pressure, diabetes and skin diseases. PODI KIZHI- ROOKSHA SWEDA( bolus bag massage with medicated power) The powders are made from different herbs and fried with rock salt, grated coconut and lime juice. This massage is done for 30-45 minute for a period of 7 days. The benefits of this massage are for those who suffer from Vata and Kapha diseases. UDWARTANAM (massage with medicated powder) This massage is done with herbal powder. The procedure is firstly to give an abyanga massage to the patient, than mix the powder with a little quantity of oil and apply on the body from neck to legs. Massage the body in downward direction. This treatment has to be done for a maximum of 35 minutes for 7 days. The major benefit of this massage is that it reduces fats. It’ s helpful for those who suffer of anorexia, skin diseases and excessive sweating. PIZHICHIL ( oil bath) Different medicated oils are used for this treatment according to the condition of the patient. This treatment is done in 7 different postures. The oil bath is done for 60-90 minutes for 7 days. The benefits for a healthy person are rejuvenating the tissue, preserve and promote the health and slow down the ageing process. In case of diseases this is very effective for problems of the nervous system. SHIRODHARA Pouring of medicated oil, milk or medicated buttermilk on the forehead continuosly for a specific period it’ s called shirodhara. It’ s one of the excellent therapies for the treatment of several diseases connected with head and all the sense organs. Cures also diseases of the nervous system and it’ s effective for those who suffer of insomnia and mental disease etc.. .

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FOOD AND ACCOMODATION The Vedaguru centre in an ambience of virgin wilderness and homely will learn how to relax.Organic accommodation at the Vedaguru centre consists of our world renowned eco-cottages which allow you to live at one with nature. The cottages offer a peaceful environment for you to relieve your tensions and itself teach you meditation training . Three Eco- Cottages have been specially designed to meet international standards of style and comfort and are set in rustic surroundings of bamboo, banana, coffee and orange plants all surrounded by a beautiful lake. Each cottage has an independent bedroom unit with attached western bathrooms (with hot shower). All cottages have power back up technology and intercom facilities in the room. The Centre represents authentic, traditional ambiance for living in communion with all the elements of nature in the shape of its cottages. Each cottage is naturally cooled by the spice laden breeze and interior ceiling fans. The tents overlooking the lake and valley offer complete privacy with Toilet and wash room facilities just a few meters away, where warm water is also provided. Enjoy the luxury of a simple life with clean air ,pure water, beautiful surroundings and a negligible carbon footprint. Perfect for someone who wants to escape to peace and solitude all together will tell you how to change your life.We serve our guests only organic and ayurvedic diet. that is grown on the village. All dishes are vegetarian according to ayurvedic principles. If you have any special dietary requirements or restrictions, please let us know beforehand so that we can cater to your exact needs upon your arrival.

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