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Ayurvedic Therapies Abhyanga A full body massage using a medicated herbal oil, specially selected by the physician to match your individual body type, which can be performed by one or two therapists. The two therapist version is an intensive, synchronised massage. This indulgent treatment brings about improved physical consistency, induces deep relaxation and is very beneficial for vigour and vitality. In Ayurvedic classical texts, full body massage is performed to fully understand your body's structure as well as stimulate various body systems, thus increasing the effectiveness of any other treatment undertaken as part of a package of therapies. It improves the blood circulation, relaxes muscles, reduces joint stiffness, aids in the recovery from fatigue, reduces the signs of aging, promotes sleep and creates a glowing lustre to the skin. In short, Abhyanga has a wonderful, rejuvenating and replenishing effect on the entire body, from head to toe. Pada Abhyanga A stimulating and soothing massage of the legs, feet and ankles. Prevents dryness, cracking and numbness, relieves fatigue, sciatica and cramps; contraction of ligaments and muscles around the feet and legs. Aids in the recovery from sprained ankle ligaments and fractures. Also effective in the treatment of swelling due to diabetes, heart conditions and fluid retention. It is particularly effective in Varicose veins. What's more, as nerves from the body's organs end in the feet, massaging the foot's various pressure points harmonises the entire system. Shirodhara A signature Ayurvedic treatment. Sira means head and dhara means flow of liquid. First, the patient's body is anointed with medicated oils. Lukewarm herbal oil is then hung from a specially designed vessel 8-9 inches above the forehead and made to flow in a thin continuous stream. Shirodhara rejuvenates and revitalizes the body and mind. This deeply soothing therapy relieves stress and strain related problems, promotes sound sleep, relieves headaches and migraine, slows the aging process, strengthens the senses, improves memory and ultimately strengthens the overall physical constitution of the individual. Powder Massage Use of powder made of herbs in body massage is called Udvarthanam. The word Udvartana refers to elevated upward strokes during massage. This massage is performed by an ayurvedic massage expert and rubbing goes in opposite direction as compared to conventional massage. * At Atisaya, all guests will have a consultation session with Ayurvedic Doctor Sumitha (B.A.M.S.), PG in Panchakarma before beginning any Ayurvedic therapy session. * At Atisaya, the Ayurvedic Therapy Expertise and Training has been provided by Dr.R.Sumitha, Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.), PG in Panchakarma from the Arogya Amrutham Vaidya Salai, an Ayurvedic Clinic in T.Nagar, Chennai. * Swastha, our Therapy Center is in collaboration with Arogya Amrutham Vaidya Salai, an Ayurvedic Clinic in T.Nagar, Chennai.

Atisaya Wellness Centre



At Atisaya, your Health is a priority during your stay with us. We want you to take back all the Wellness you experience with us. We serve Low Glycemic Index (G.I) Millet based food (Sattvic) / healthy Vegetarian food (Southn/ Northn) including CPFW (Chemicals/ Pesticides/ Fungicides/ Weedicides) Free Vegetables, Salads, Fruits, Nuts. We will serve you Tea, Coffee, Green Tea, Vegetable and Fruit Juices. Your Food/ Drink will be structured as follows : a) Wake up Coffee/ Tea/ Green Tea/ Fresh Juices b) Breakfast c) Mid Morning Snacks d) Lunch e) Evening Snacks/ Coffee/ Tea/ Green Tea/ Fresh Juices f) Dinner * Smoking is not permitted at Atisaya. * Non Vegetarian food is not served at Atisaya. * Vegan/ Gluten Free food are available on request. * We can provide a Gift Hamper of CPFW (Chemicals/ Pesticides/ Fungicides/ Weedicides) Free Vegetables and Fruits from our farms on prior ordering at an extra cost. * The diet plans at Atisaya has been formulated by Dr.Dharini Krishnan M.Sc, Ph.D, R.D (Dietetics). (

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