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USD 11.93 Avg. Price / day

Amrtasiddhi, the Ayurveda and Yoga Health Centre located just south of the Monkey Forest in Ubud, BaliAt Amrtasiddhi, our professional Ayurvedic doctors and therapists work with you to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Amrtasiddhi offers Ayurvedic consultations, treatments, medicines and healing activities that result in deep balance and long-lasting well-being.

At Amrtasiddhi, we believe that Yoga/Tai Chi and meditation are ideal ways to support the treatments and healing of our patients. We therefore offer personalized Yoga/Tai Chi tuition. Students, who are interested in deepening their Yoga/Tai Chi practice, are invited to join our courses or book private sessions.

What we can do for you:

  • We can inspire you to follow a healthy daily routine that will give you clarity, strength and balance for your day.
  • We can improve your health and well-being.
  • We can help people who suffer from illnesses, discomfort and/or imbalances.
  • We can help with or cure sleeping disorders, diabetes, high/low blood pressure, arthritis and other long term health problems.
  • We can support and speed up rehabilitation after illness, injury, surgery or accidents.
  • We can offer assistance for women who are seeking prenatal and postnatal care.
  • We can work with you on stress relief, weight management, rejuvenation and detox.

Ayurveda and Yoga are ’sister sciences’ in so far as they have the same philosophical foundation (Samkhya). These two approaches to long-lasting well-being complement each other very well.While Ayurveda is more concerned about supporting and reestablishing the unfoldment of life within the individual, Yoga deals with the question of how to grow towards a more meaningful existence.

The first 4 of the 8 aspects of ’Patanjali’s Asthanga Yoga’ can be connected to Ayurvedic treatments, regimen and medicine in so far as they are very much related to the individuals’ health and well-being.

Practicing ’Yama’ and ’Niyama’ not only prevents disease but also prepares us for the practice of ’Asana’. Correctly practiced, ’Asana’ and ’Pranayama’ have always therapeutic effects, in particular by increasing ’Jathara Agni’, which aids in the reduction of ’Ama’ or toxins. Asana and Pranayama also balance the vital energetic currents and various functions in the body.

At Amrtasiddhi we believe that Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi are ideal activities to support the treatments and healing progress of patients. We therefore offer open classes and personalized tuition as part of our overall treatment plan.

Amrita Siddhi Ayurvedic Health Center Reviews (9)

David Parkinson (England)
I stayed at Amrtasiddhi for 21 days. This was my 5th Panchakarma, having done three in England and one also in Kerala. With past experience I know what works and Amrtasiddhi delivers the real deal. I found doctor Sujatha to be very receptive with great feed back and the best Ayurvedic doctor I have had consultations with to date. All the staff were friendly and keen to help with great tasting food provided in line with treatment. I highly recommend this clinic if you want a taste of real health care.
Caroline Henkel
Hi Dr. Sujatha and Frank, I was in to the clinic a year ago and started a Panchakarma Detox with you. I am not sure if you remember me because I am sure you have a lot of people in and out and can't remember everyone but I was there with my husband Bruno who is Brazilian and there to do Panchakarma for systemic candida. Your new clinic was almost finished and you were preparing to move. I looked at your new site and pictures and it looks beautiful. The reason I am writing is to thank you. Besides I remember setting a clear intention when starting the Panchakarma to not rely on alcohol to relax and to remove it from my diet. I just wanted to share with you that I have not had alcohol since the detox one year ago and I feel wonderful. It is something I couldn't have imagined accomplishing and actually moved through the year with grace and ease. I also have a regular Kundalini yoga practice that I have truly embraced.....Thank you Frank. This was such a powerful experience and feel I have come a long way with my health and wellbeing since then. I am in deep gratitude for this experience and the work you do....Thank you I look forward to visiting Bali and your new clinic in the future. Much Love Much Light

How to reach Amrita Siddhi Ayurvedic Health Center

By motorbike/on foot: follow Jalan Hanuman down to the entrance of the monkey forest; then enter the small footpath on your left hand side. It runs along a small water canal. Stay on this path until you reach a bigger road. Follow this road for about 300 meters until you see our sign on the right hand side of the road. Turn into the dirt road just in front of our sign and follow this road until you end up at our car park. By car: please follow Jalan Hanuman until the road forks at Coco supermarket. Follow the left road until you see a petrol station on your left hand side. Keep going straight after the petrol station for another 100 metres. Then take the next turn right. Follow this road until you pass BCC (Bali Classic Centre) on your left. After BCC, take the second road right - the first being a one-way street that you cannot enter by car. Once you took the second turn right, you will be entering the village of Nyuh Kuning. Stay on that road until you pass the big tree next to the football field. Keep going for another 200 metres until you see our sign on the left hand side - just after Puri Asri Villas, situated also on the left hand side of the road. Turn into the small dirt road just after our sign and follow the road until you reach our car park.

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USD 11.93 Avg. Price / day