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Bali Silent Retreat is more than yoga and meditation – it’s a restorative and inspirational sanctuary removed from the demands of busy-busy complicated lifestyles. Surrounded and protected by rice fields, jungle, Mt. Batu Karu, and spiritual essence, you can ‘retreat’ and ‘take-time-out’, nourish your body and soul, and find yourself again. In your own time. On your own schedule. Yoga includes morning and afternoon varied types of yoga asana and meditation, are shared in open air octagon tent, surrounded by the green of nature. Yoga asana vary from Hatha to Iyengar traditions and, of course restorative yoga asana. Meditation includes beginner to advanced, depending on your level of experience.

Labyrinth meditation, jungle and rice field walks are yours for the taking – a photographer’s delight! Additional ceremonies, workshops, and evening ‘Chat and Chai’ philosophy talks are on the Calendar. Off-site activities to temples, jungle, and hot springs are scheduled per request. The Lodge Library with spiritual, philosophical, self help titles, and fun-frivolous-fiction gets smiles and applause.

The volunteer program offers an experience of a lifetime within a true eco community – off the grid and eco green to the extreme. The message was loud and clear, “Build a Silent Retreat Center for Prayer and Meditation.” Who’s to say when or how or why we’re called to do what we do, but after much personal resistance, and a vision of 2 mountains, water, and hotsprings, the “where”search began.

Serendipitous events rolled into play, including a significant – but not enough – donation from a philanthropist in Switzerland, who shortly thereafter passed away. A Balinese family, with 4 hectares at the base of the mountain, and vision to protect the land for future generations appeared on scene. . . and a partnership for 100 years was forged. People continue to show up with skills for this or that: construction experts, permaculture maniacs, yoga gurus, whole, raw & ethnic chefs, and many worker-bees; Western, Balinese and Javanese.

We continue to . . . . stumble forward with trust that the right people and events arrive at the right time and place keep our hearts open to new ideas and loving philosophy embrace Truth experiment, brain-storm and support creative process support an environment for maximum human potential feel passionate about having 100 persons in prayer and meditation meditate and pray daily and listen to Divine Source. We operate as a non profit and 50% of our beds ( the dormitories ) are profit free. Our commitment is to make pursuing a spiritual path affordable with a top-end ashram ambiance. We rely on dedicated Balinese workers and western volunteers, who value working in a creative, spiritual and healthy environment, as a collaborative team in a super eco green community, laughing and enjoying life.

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Food at Bali Silent Retreat is an experience. The human diet has changed more than ever before during your life time. raw-vegie-layer-cakewebDuring your stay at the retreat you are invited to reconnect to your body’s true wants and needs. You’re encouraged to savour your meals in silence from bowls and plates made from natural materials, overlooking the surrounding rice fields. Mindful eating is seemingly simple, yet it can transform your relationship with food. We offer food straight from the earth, prepared by a team of chefs trained to the high standards of our ‘Bumi Baru-New Earth food philosophy’. Our food is famous for its unique flavour combinations and nourishing qualities. Healthy and yummy, organic and sustainable, Bumi Baru also aligns us to the entire web of life.

Reviews Of Silent Retreat Center

Mele, from the USA

Everything calls you to nature and the grounds are sacred, special, and inviting. The quiet and solitude are comforting and the whole ashram is welcoming.

Tabea from the US & Germany

All the small accoutrements of the lap desk, pen&notebook, hair towel, boomark, solar reading lamp, back rest, as well as the lovely kimono, the food – they all supported more introspection than I’ve done in the last decade. And the staff – such beautiful human beings.

Si from China

The best weak of my life! Because it was completely fulfilling on so many levels. To be with kind, like-minded people, in a community that asks real questions about what life means.

Alexandre from Canada

This food is the Most Amazing food for the body and the soul. Definitely 5-stars. The tastes of fresh ingredients and love are real . . . I mean really real. Had I known how fantastic it would be, I would have booked a whole month.

Jessica from Germany

This is the Most Awsome place and that’s why I’m back for the 4th time. One of the most special things I come back for is the low electro-smog; no wifi, not much phone signal, no electrical cables in the rooms – The Best Sleep Ever.

Sandreister from Austria

The sustainable philosophy here and how you’re actually living it admirable and amazing. Including how all the staff love what they do. This is the example of happens when you put energy, effort and love into a concept.

Valerie from the Netherlands

“This memory will last a life time. I gained the ability to take a moment with myself, separate from my habits and daily routines and really think or not think or worry about anything. I appreciated how all the food is local, making it so much more real, knowing the story behind it and then actually paying attention to what I was eating. And the fire ceremony . . . I’m taking the experience with me to remember for a long time. ”

Peter from the UK

“It’s a place where you don’t want to ever leave. It’s not only the regular classes of meditation and yoga but also the independent things you can do, like the labyrinth and looking up at the sky from the star beds.”

Adrienne from Canada

“I’ve been to Bali many many times and this place feels more authentic than any other ‘retreats’. I love that it’s off the grid and so connected to the earth. The Balinese office staff might just be the most cheerful people I have ever met in my life. Food alone, will bring me back, but honestly it is all perfect- an idyllic setting; a slice of paradise here. “

Ali from England

“The Future of Food talk and the Tea Circle chat about Balinese Culture were fascinating. And the Fire Ceremony resounded so strongly with me, I just cried. I wish I could stay forever.”

Raffaello from Switzerland

“I came with no expectation and for me this became the most beautiful experience . The silence was something I had never experienced before. The interactions were simply amazing; the openness of all the staff was simply overwhelming.”

Tawna from Canada

“The genuine love + energy that BSR has been built with – it seeps through every aspect – the welcoming, the rooms, the gardens, the FOOD!!!, the smiles throughout the day from staff – Everyone that works here cares, this wasn’t built to be a big $ maker, but to build awareness about New Earth Cooking, to give people a place to “retreat”, to unwind… It’s a safe haven for the body, mind & soul.”

Diana from Mexico

“This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I feel love everywhere: in the ashram, in the fields, in the library, in the kitchen. To spread love you don’t need words. What I loved the most was that all the people who work here always give a smile, are kind and nice and so welcoming . The food- I enjoyed every bite; BIG thanks to the cooking angels for the amazing food. I felt all your effort & love in every dish.”

Christina from Germany

“Concluding 8 months of world travel and gaining positive energy for the following year, I was able to find my way back to myself and listen to my heart. I really respect and appreciate what the founder, the Balinese workers and the volunteers ,continue to create here. The world needs more of such places! Thank you.”

Caitlin from U.S.A

“I loved watching the ducks from the lodge while dining. They’re so funny, moving around the rice paddies. Everything here is SO clean, it’s obvious how cared for the space is. When I consider my favorite parts, my mind is saying the ‘solitude’; my stomach is saying ‘the food; my body votes for the ‘programs’ ! The food might win. J When I arrived the spacing of the walkway planks seemed really, jarringly, incorrect – I kept having to think as I walked, because I couldn’t take 2 at a time, but they were so close to take each singly. By my second day, they seemed rather perfectly spaced. Thanks for slowing down my pace, so I could enjoy life a bit more simply + thoroughly.”

Larz from Denmark

“The combination of silence, reading, yoga/meditation & nourishing food served me left me calm yet energized. Slept so well & LOVED the food. ”

Monique from Australia

“Very peaceful, no agendas, was able to really find some personal insights. The walks around the area really grounded me I think I also learnt to eat in peace. I felt very at home. I realized that I have so much ‘stuff’ at my own home that is completely unnecessary.”

Emma from Portugal

“Wonderful. Ironically only booked 2 nights/3 days because I genuinally thought I couldn’t handle more (I am a talking machine). But now I wish I could stay a couple of weeks! Perfect relaxation. Wish there were most places like this around the world. The food really is the best – vegetarian Heaven. As a tech- and social media addict I can see now how it is actually easy to detox from the world we live in and shocking how I do not even miss my phone or laptop. I am loving this mental cleanse.”

Jodie from Australia

“Amazing. Read a lot online via your website & Trip Advisor, but experiencing this place has been an oasis, a piece of calm, lifted from the last 2 years of chaos. The food is amazing & my first experience of tasty, interesting vegetarian. The beautiful silence and enchanting nature gave my mind space. I had never done Gentle Yin Yoga or meditation with amazingly supportive instructors.”

Katie from the UK

“I would just like to thank you again for this space & creating it so beautifully. I have experienced true bliss here. And the silence was easy, allowing me to work through some personal challenges.”

Amanda from the USA

“If I didn’t have a husband, I would choose YOU as my Valentines tomorrow: For I am deeply in love with you! Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. I loved every bit of it I am so grateful for what your team creates here on a daily basis, including the kind and gentle smiles and words. I’ve been all around the world and, so far, this has been my favorite stay. ”

Megan from USA

“Over-the-top exceeded my expectations! Paradise on earth. Beauty – beauty of nature, of yoga + meditation teachings, of the good, the space, the staff, and of how I feel upon leaving. I feel like a whole new person, or just the real me again! In 6 days I experienced deeper relaxation than I have felt in a year, maybe longer… It was much needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Laura from Italy

“The gratefulness prayer with holy stones before going into the meditation octagon, was an enlightening ritual. And the big beautiful Balinese smiles –everytime – are so welcoming. The green, as I came through gate will be instilled in my memories. Green is the color related to peace, which is the essence of this retreat – so safe that we feel alive and life is beautiful. I loved using a sarong as a towel and the 100% cotton white sheets.”

Eleonor from Netherlands

“Awesome! I loved the peace and quiet combined with yoga and meditation and the food – loved loved loved the food; so much variation and never a ‘dull’ meal. My mind is so much more calm and clear now, and the wonderful nature filled my heart with happiness.”

Lene from Denmark

“There is a distinct ‘Holy Power’ of good energy and the spirit is felt from a long distance. And the food was so so good; with the taste of LOVE.”

Lindsey, California

“Professional and clean, yet perfectly WILD!!! It is everything the website plus the reviews said plus plus more. And the FOOD – OMG!!!”

Adriane from USA

“Agony & Ecstasy all rolled into one, which is so important for what I did here. I will never forget it – thank you.”

Halei – USA

“Blissful, therapeutic, wonderful. It’s the perfect location for true introspection and spiritual journey. The food is incredible, every dish clearly made with love. My room… wow- the view even after 11 days makes my heart sing. Everyone is always smiling and so genuinely kind. The gardeners, cleaning staff, reception, chefs were all an absolute delight. I tried all kinds of food here. It truly opened my horizons. I may just try being vegan! I made friends with all the bugs and I loved the Bale octagon for silent meditation – it emanates peace – beautiful, clean and quiet. Stunning views from everywhere. I feel lighter & more calm. I wish I could stay here longer.”

Markus – Switzerland

“Very, very, very nice. Silence without religion behind it is great. And the nature sounds – made me aware of all the rich sounds I don’t normally hear.”

Yashu – New Zealand

“Wonderful. I needed time & space to just be. It’s perfect here. Thank you.”

Anna – Germany

“Just what I needed. Calm. Amazing food. Time to read. Time to pray.”

Anna – Germany

“I didn’t know that not speaking can be such a relief. I enjoyed every minute. Furthermore, I loved the food & the classes & hoped I could stay longer. The interaction in every class was positive & gave me a wonderful feeling which made me smile. I learned to put thoughts to the side & rush less through life. Thank you.”

Chiara from The Netherlands

“Too short, but wonderful. We even loved the sheets and cotton sarong-towels and a special towel for your hair – really! You can really see that a lot of thought, time, and love went into everything here on this property. The best food I’ve had on Bali! It can be difficult to travel as a vegetarian, however, I don’t have that problem here. I wish I had a larger stomach so I could eat more. Great to have an open Bungalow, we loved all the sounds at night, as if you’re sleeping in a forest. I wish I could spend more time here; the food is off the charts and I love the tea corner. “

Ines from Portugal

“Definitely a magical place on Earth. This is the most peaceful place I know in the whole world. I go home more complete and balanced and with a cleaner and peaceful mind. Thank you so much! ”

Gabriela from Switzerland

“This was a heart-opening experience for me and my entire way of looking at food in general has changed. “

Leah from Australia

“Peaceful, precious, delicious, beauty in every direction, perfection!”

Heidi from New York City

“Liberating. Having the time to reflect without getting lost in words; Eating from the garden; not locking my door; no technology; no hairdryer or iron – Just me. To connect with myself and therefore others.”

Anaara from Indonesia

“Truly enlightening. This is my 3rd year. I always will try to come back once a year at least. This place has always been magical.”

Lou from UK/Australia

“This is a world class place without all the trapping of what living up to that moniker might mean. It’s luxury without all the palaver. The little things set it apart. As is said – god is in the details: The commitment to being green, the book mark, and journal book, the food, of course, and the way the food is offered. I slept like a log, ate heaps & enjoyed every moment. Staff are all beautiful, committed, smart, generous of spirit and delightful. Make no mistake, this is a creation of beautiful spirits, hard work & a big chunk of God. Thank you x TMK x Very Best Wishes.”

Diana from Germany

“Mind-blown. This is my happy place. I gathered so many insights that will change my life forever. I was able to let go of something that haunted me for the last 7 years. I finally am at peace with myself. THANK YOU SO MUCH. This changed my view on food & my body completely. The food was definitely amazing with new dishes & flavors. I loved the open air showers with rice field view.”

Jamie from USA

“Community empowerment & respect, healthy food, lovingly prepared, stewardship of the land… wow, and thanks! I really, really, really love what you are doing here for the local community, the environment!!!! I loved my room overlooking the jungle. Those moon-rises! My God!”

Oaha from Romania

“Beautiful, authentic, pure and clean nature, silence, yummy food, humble people.”

Lauren from Canada

“BSR gave me the chance to plant a garden in my soul & to nurture it! From the yoga & meditation to taste bud dancing foods, I was able to explore new depths of connection. The philosophy is what initially drew me to BSR. But to be here & experience it being lived is inspiring and phenomenal. I admire the New Earth Food Philosophy & learned how to really enjoy food. My most colorful memory – closing my eyes for 6am meditation (still dark) & opening them after an hour to a new world – the sun! And what did I learn after 4 days here? That silence is a powerful tool.”

Liz from USA

“It has been a wonderful experience, somewhat different than I expected. It was not a strict, disciplined retreat and there were options to talk and engage with other guests off site. It really can be whatever you want it to be! The programs and fire ceremony really helped me connect to the ashram and Bali in general, giving me an appreciation for what makes BSR and this island so special and helped me work through some personal matters. This place is truly unique. I didn’t imagine I’d walk away from 7 days at a silent retreat with new friends – but I have! The like-minded community here is readily available for those wishing to engage with it.”

Nadine from UAE

“Absolutely incredible. Everything was perfectly organized, clean and exceeded my expectations.”

Martina from Czech Republic

“The whole experience was amazing and inspiring – I can’t wait to get home and make some changes in my life. And thank you for the atmosphere that helped me create a new life. ”

Sabina from Canada

“Amazing – Such a magical and healing place – exactly what I needed and more.”

Jeva from America

“PURE BLISS. This is the most relaxed I have ever felt, in my life; serenity of the ambiance – the gardens and forest. The Silence.”

Jenna from Finland

“I don’t want to leave. The food was amazing and I relaxed so very very much here in the silence without my phone. NOW I FEEL GREAT!”

Bret from Australia

“Wondrous, Enlightening, Perfect. The solitude interspersed with the smiling faces of the staff and the AMAZING food was just what the doctor ordered.”

Fiona from the UK

“I love it here. The calmness seeped into my soul and allowed my weary mind, emotions and body to rest. The beautiful and ready smiles from all the Balinese staff is a living gift of sunshine. The kitchen angels- amazing. The gardeners – fabulous.”

Jo from Australia

“T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U –B-S-R! One of the most amazing experiences of my life, disconnected from my busy distractions, I opened my mind to new + exciting ways to live my daily life. A very emotional, deeply life cleansing experience. Plus a very full belly, as the food was out-of-this-world. Unexpected gift was the added knowledge of traditional Balinese life and culture. I loved the serenity and the beautiful view from the open wall of my room and spent lovely afternoons daydreaming on my bed. All the programs were interesting; the teachers open + knowledgeable. Labyrinth was a very emotional and opening experience.”

Rahbia from New Zealand

“This was the best place I’ve ever stayed. I’m so proud of you guys making this. The love and compassion to which this place is made, the food, the tea, the beds, everything feels good & filled with love.”

Angela from New Zealand

“Amazing! I didn’t expect it to be so amazing and authentic (not showy or contrived). I love the down to earthiness of the whole place. The philosophy of the food, the location, the peace away from the tourist traps of Bali & away from wi-fi, phones, sounds of construction & traffic. I will be returning soon, as I have found a part of Bali away from the chaos that drove me away from this island 2 years ago. I hope things don’t change here. Thank you.”

Tina from Sweden

“I thought being silent for 3 weeks would be hard, but I have loved every minute of it. My body and soul finally got to rest. This place is magic,”

Shivani & Debbie from Canada

“AMAZING! I can’t wait to come back. I leave with a warm feeling imprinted on my soul…”

Grainne from Ireland

“Time to reflect within beautiful space & energy.”

Janette from Australia

“Fantastic – as my husband whispered to me on the 1st night “Idyllic”. I loved the outside showers/ginger tea in the morning/fresh ventilation and so much more.”

Shaun from USA

“Days filled with “doing nothing” reading, walking, pondering,etc. Food was exceptional, this coming from a ‘meat eater’.”

Leefa from Namibia, Southern Africa

“It was beyond my imagination! It was good to finally spend time with myself. So very very peaceful.”

Miriam from Finland

“The food was so good plus I was able to disconnect from a busy world/life and connect with myself. I was in heaven.”

Phil from Australia

“Yoga, a beautiful setting to relax, recharge and reconnect and Food, Food, Food. It was AMAZING.”

Caterina from Canada

“I could feel that your message & mission is lived & breathed in everything you do. Every staff member greeted me with warmth, generosity, selflessness and silent smiles so genuine I could feel it.”

Luna from Denmark

“ I enjoyed the silence as well as I was surprised by it. It was a time of reflection, relaxing, and mental growth – thank you. I was both thrilled and sad about hearing of Future of Foods but overall I wanted to do something about it when at home.”

Shay – Australia

“This amazing food has transformed my view of vegetarian eating.”

Elodie from France

“This is an authentic place where everything is made with love. This is a unique experience and not “just a place to stay” I was looking for a quiet location to meditate and I have gained much more. The food is gorgeous and I feel lucky/privileged for having been able to spend some of my spare time here. Every interaction was a blessing, including the huge smiles from all the staff; you all have something magic in your hands and hearts. Being able to immerse in the Balinese Culture thanks to the various talks and walks and the rural location allowed me to learn much more than a touristy place. My walks to the village and talking with the Balinese people was a true gift.”

Nicky from The Netherlands

“I had never meditated or done yoga before (maybe once/twice) and this was a perfect place to practice – so peaceful; no competition. The staff is amazing! I felt so incredibly welcome and at peace.”

Christian from The Netherlands

“The place is amazing-a lot of love and care have been given to help me in my search for rest and finding my inner voice. The Lodge is great. I really appreciate that I could just lounge and read in silence, together with the other guests. Creates a special atmosphere.”

Magali from France

“This here was exactly what I was looking for. Peace plus different activities offered and freedom to use our time as we wish. The Labyrinth, the fire place with hammocks, the cosy lodge room and of course the yoga/meditation were my highlights.”

Donna from Australia

So much love and care put into this retreat. Everything was perfect to help me meditate, find peacefulness. Food was amazing. The food was simply wonderful – so nourishing but wholesome.”

Jason from New Zealand.

Sacred and yet open. Healing and transforming. All the staff are simply divine.

Julia from Switzerland

“I wish I had the proper words to describe it. Fantastic. Peaceful. Energetic. Out-of-this-world! The quiet brings creativity & inspiration. I love all of the small additions since the last time – especially the inspiring words on the steps that you only become aware of when you walk back up.”

Nina from Australia

This was my first experience of Bali and Balinese people (so lovely and positive) made me think there is a different way to live. Beautiful space to be silent in. I loved the flexibility. Spent an afternoon observing trees and leaves in the rain, including a small yellow flower when the flower fell way… (for someone almost incapable of doing nothing that was really something) . Everywhere I looked, there was proof of consistency in philosophy, buildings, plants, gardens, food. Thank you for giving me the environment to experience doing nothing,”

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