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USD 37.00 Avg. Price / day

Bali Silent Retreat is more than yoga and meditation – it’s a restorative and inspirational sanctuary removed from the demands of busy-busy complicated lifestyles. Surrounded and protected by rice fields, jungle, Mt. Batu Karu, and spiritual essence, you can ‘retreat’ and ‘take-time-out’, nourish your body and soul, and find yourself again. In your own time. On your own schedule. Yoga includes morning and afternoon varied types of yoga asana and meditation, are shared in open air octagon tent, surrounded by the green of nature. Yoga asana vary from Hatha to Iyengar traditions and, of course restorative yoga asana. Meditation includes beginner to advanced, depending on your level of experience.

Labyrinth meditation, jungle and rice field walks are yours for the taking – a photographer’s delight! Additional ceremonies, workshops, and evening ‘Chat and Chai’ philosophy talks are on the Calendar. Off-site activities to temples, jungle, and hot springs are scheduled per request. The Lodge Library with spiritual, philosophical, self help titles, and fun-frivolous-fiction gets smiles and applause.

The volunteer program offers an experience of a lifetime within a true eco community – off the grid and eco green to the extreme. The message was loud and clear, “Build a Silent Retreat Center for Prayer and Meditation.” Who’s to say when or how or why we’re called to do what we do, but after much personal resistance, and a vision of 2 mountains, water, and hotsprings, the “where”search began.

Serendipitous events rolled into play, including a significant – but not enough – donation from a philanthropist in Switzerland, who shortly thereafter passed away. A Balinese family, with 4 hectares at the base of the mountain, and vision to protect the land for future generations appeared on scene. . . and a partnership for 100 years was forged. People continue to show up with skills for this or that: construction experts, permaculture maniacs, yoga gurus, whole, raw & ethnic chefs, and many worker-bees; Western, Balinese and Javanese.

We continue to . . . . stumble forward with trust that the right people and events arrive at the right time and place keep our hearts open to new ideas and loving philosophy embrace Truth experiment, brain-storm and support creative process support an environment for maximum human potential feel passionate about having 100 persons in prayer and meditation meditate and pray daily and listen to Divine Source. We operate as a non profit and 50% of our beds ( the dormitories ) are profit free. Our commitment is to make pursuing a spiritual path affordable with a top-end ashram ambiance. We rely on dedicated Balinese workers and western volunteers, who value working in a creative, spiritual and healthy environment, as a collaborative team in a super eco green community, laughing and enjoying life.

Silent Retreat Center Reviews (88)

Nina from Australia
This was my first experience of Bali and Balinese people (so lovely and positive) made me think there is a different way to live. Beautiful space to be silent in. I loved the flexibility. Spent an afternoon observing trees and leaves in the rain, including a small yellow flower when the flower fell way… (for someone almost incapable of doing nothing that was really something) . Everywhere I looked, there was proof of consistency in philosophy, buildings, plants, gardens, food. Thank you for giving me the environment to experience doing nothing,”
Julia from Switzerland
“I wish I had the proper words to describe it. Fantastic. Peaceful. Energetic. Out-of-this-world! The quiet brings creativity & inspiration. I love all of the small additions since the last time – especially the inspiring words on the steps that you only become aware of when you walk back up.”


Food at Bali Silent Retreat is an experience. The human diet has changed more than ever before during your life time. raw-vegie-layer-cakewebDuring your stay at the retreat you are invited to reconnect to your body’s true wants and needs. You’re encouraged to savour your meals in silence from bowls and plates made from natural materials, overlooking the surrounding rice fields. Mindful eating is seemingly simple, yet it can transform your relationship with food. We offer food straight from the earth, prepared by a team of chefs trained to the high standards of our ‘Bumi Baru-New Earth food philosophy’. Our food is famous for its unique flavour combinations and nourishing qualities. Healthy and yummy, organic and sustainable, Bumi Baru also aligns us to the entire web of life.

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Bali Silent Retreat for Prayer and Meditation. Penatahan, Tabanan 82152 Bali Indonesia.
USD 37.00 Avg. Price / day