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Prana Dewi Mountain Resort

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Prana Dewi Mountain Resort

4 Reviews
Janine Alison
Absolutely Wonderful 1 night stay. We stayed a night while on our travels around Bali. Beautiful Room with 2 double beds, shower outdoors. Lovely pool with spring water. The food was the Tastiest i had eaten in Bali, The staff were lovely ,so friendly. The Gorgeous gardens and surrounds were made in Heaven i am sure. I will be back in 2017 , will stay extra nights as it was so Quiet & Peaceful. Surrounded by Nature, frogs, Bunny & Roosters.
Franziska Rapp
Beautiful Balinese Haeven! Traditional bungalows made with love, friendly staff and delicious food.

How to reach Prana Dewi Mountain Resort

The Way to Prana Dewi Mountain Resort From the Airport follow the Sunset Rd to Kerobokan. From Kerobokan go over Canggu direction Tanah Lot. Turn right after the big steel bridge and follow the signs to Tabanan. From Sanur go to Tabanan From Ubud go over Denpasar to Tabanan or try the small bumpy roads westwards to Tabanan, beautiful, but it takes some time. In Tabanan find Jl. Gaja Mada, the main shopping street. Turn right into Jl. Kaswari, where the shops are getting less and the Gaja Mada street is no more divided into 2 directions. At the end of Jl. Kaswari turn right and next left. Then follow the signs to the temple Pura Luhur Batukaru and the Village Wongaya Gede for 18 Km. At the end of the village Wongaya Gede, 2 km below the Temple Pura Luhur Batukaru turn left following the sign to Prana Dewi Mountain Resort.

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Prana Dewi Mountain Resort, Wongaya Gede, Penebel, Kecamatan Tabanan, Bali 82113, Indonesia
IDR 150000.00 Avg. Price / day

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