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4.5 (5 reviews) 577 Views Ayurveda Retreat Bali, Bali

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We offer our our programmes from four days through to specifically tailored longer stays.

Our four, seven or ten-day programme examples are designed as a guide to help you detox and rejuvenate. All programmes are supervised by our team of experienced therapists who will guide you every step of the way in your healing process. Some therapies act on a physical level, while others are more emotionally, mentally and spiritually driven.

Please note  Our detox plan is a structured programme designed to help you get the most out of your fast with as few side affects as possible.  If you choose not to follow the suggested programme in terms of activities and supplements, we cannot be held responsible for any aggravated detoxing symptoms such as headaches or nausea. However, some side effects may be a healthy part of your detox journey.

The Golden Rock Retreat

5 Reviews
I recently did a 10-day detox at the Golden Rock. The location is just stunning; right on the beach in an unspoiled part of Bali. You can hear the waves crashing all night, it is extremely peaceful here. The program is not for the faint-hearted; coconut water and supplements in the morning, followed by some light exercise, a juice then more supplements and clear vege broth at night (a big bowl of it which does actually fill you up). Massages are provided every day as well as ozone treatment (cleans your colon!) - short and not painful at all. The last two days you get delicious fruit and vegetables - woo hoo! The staff at Golden Rock are lovely and switched on. Made in the clinic is a delight, as is Alan, the owner. I would highly recommend Golden Rock if you want to have a full on detox and drop a few kilos.
I returned to Golden Rock after 7 years to do a 5 day detox. The location is amazing, I was the only person there which had it pros and cons. The staff were accomodating, the detox hasn't changed and the massages are still very good. The beds are very comfortable and the villas have great views of the sea, it's very relaxing watching the fishing boats come and go. I would recommend this place if you need to recharge.


We have four beach-front bungalows  and a larger two bedroom villa right on the headland with fantastic views of the coastline.

The  two bedroom, two bathroom headland villa is ideal  for families and friends (maximum four guests). It has its own jacuzzi and stunning views of the sunrise over Lombok and the surrounding coastline.

The four beach-front villas can sleep a maximum of two people in each. All with their own bathrooms, they are air-conditioned, have televisions and DVD players, a good collection of inspiring books, large balconies and a private meditation area.

Please note there is no TV network, wi-fi, or internet access. We feel  this is important for our guests to get the most out of their healing process.



Please note that our structured detox progamme is designed to help you get the most out of your fast with as few side affects as possible. If you choose not to follow our suggested programme in terms of activities and supplements, we cannot be held responsible for any aggravated detoxing symptoms such as headaches or nausea. This includes following our pre-detox advice such as cutting down on coffee and alcohol as well as dairy and heavy meats.

Whether we live in the city or the countryside, an unfortunate side effect of living in the 21st century is that our bodies are bombarded daily with toxins and chemicals from the environment, the food we eat and the water we drink. Chemicals, pesticides, hormones and pollutants are everywhere. Although our bodies do naturally detox on a daily basis, there are so many different nasty substances passing through us daily, that our own natural defences may not be enough. If these substances are left to accumulate, the result is often chronic illness, disease, lethargy and tiredness.

The main detoxification organs are the skin, bowels, liver, kidneys and lungs. Our bodies need to eliminate harmful toxins, so anything that is not excreted naturally needs to go somewhere. Our bodies are actually quite clever, so we start to store toxins in the safest places – fatty tissue – such as breast, hips and thighs. Ever wondered why it’s so difficult to lose weight in those areas, or why breast cancer is so prevalent these days? That’s one answer for you.

Here at the Golden Rock Retreat we encourage you to deeply cleanse your body, restore balance and re-energise your entire body. All our programmes integrate deep internal cleansing using modern technologies including infra red sauna, ozone and oxygen therapy alongside traditional therapies such as massage, yoga and meditation.

Mind Body Connection


We believe that you cannot simply detox your body and ignore your mind. As the body begins to cleanse, negative energies that may be blocked and stored in the body are released at a mental and emotional level. This gives you a great opportunity to process and let go of years of accumulated stress and negative mental patterns.

We encourage all our guests to take personal responsibility in their healing process and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of our retreat. All our programmes take into account that you are individual with your own needs and each detox experience is different for everyone. Our Health Manager will guide you through the process and discuss your own individual needs during your stay.

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Office hours: 09.00-17.00 (+8 hrs GMT)
Please email or use the Enq form. We will answer ASAP. Please understand that due to different time zones there may be a delay in the reply.

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