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Max's Dive Centre

10 Reviews
Er Wen Jin
would give a negative if i could due to the numerous safety violations that the instructor did. Instructor (Gerry Asta, OW57.351489, member number 351489) did not ask the me to sign the various PADI forms (medical statement forms etc) before proceeding with the course (which is a big red flag and warning sign). During the first open water dive, he lost control of both his students and allowed me and the other student to float up to the surface when I was having an issue with my buoyancy as he was distracted by his gopro and focusing on filming the reef. When I got home, a specialist appointment discovered that i suffered a barotrauma to my middle ear due to the rapid uncontrolled ascent during the first dive. He undermined the severity of the incident, downplays it and dismisses my concerns and the trauma i suffered. He also undermined the likelihood of decompression sickness and pressured me into taking part in the next dive. He runs a highly unethical dive shop that i would not recommend anyone to go to. Gerry clearly prioritises profit over the safety of his students and refused to give a partial refund of 40% which i only requested due to the pressure-related injury that i suffered. His excuse was by claiming that everything has been arranged which was why i requested for partial refund instead of a full refund. He is also extremely unapologetic and refuses to acknowledge his lack of due diligence in safety protocols.
Juju Vult
First time spent in Batam. Been taking care by Max and his great choice in coffee in the morning at the shop before heading of diving with Gerry. Nice chat during the drive to the boat. Gerry is knowledgeable, cheerful and passionate by diving. I did two fun dives with a break on really nice white sand beach. The visibility was as expected for the area with some colourful corals, a few nudibranches, some fun with a curious batfish and a final touch with 10-20 clown fishes in anemons. So overall an enjoyable day in great company and nice dives. I will be back

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