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About Samyama Meditation Center

Samyama is a place to reconnect; first with yourself and through that with others. Samyama is more than just a retreat center. It’s a community, a place to meet with your tribe, a place to call home. The beautiful surroundings of nature and the tranquil energy evoke a meditative state of mind.
Together with Eat.Co Bali we offer plant-based food made with love and compassion for every living being. Eat.Co Bali provides food during meditation retreats, TTC’s and other events.
Our philosophy is to come back into intimacy with our heart and our most natural, unconditioned self. Ultimately this intimacy and deep trust in life leads to falling in love with our Self and all of life. With more awareness of the heart and the body, we naturally act in the world with kindness and compassion towards ourselves, other beings and the planet.
Join us and rejoice in simplicity, truthfulness and the full expression of your own authentic self.

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Packages (9)

1. Tantra and Yoga Therapy Retreat

As a modern-age woman, what is your life like? A juggling act!

You CAN juggle it all with peace of mind. You can fall in love with yourself; and ALL of yourself. You can take charge of your life with lightness and a smile.

Let`s get on it NOW.

The Feminine Way Retreat will blow your mind and rock your body!

“This retreat is a game changer. Real tools to take away and create a life that`s wanted not the one we thought we were handed”.    – Mai

2. Classical Tantra Retreat

Are you curious about exploring kundalini energy and discovering a new depth of spiritual practice?
Do you want to find out ways of inviting more clarity, well-being, wealth and health into your life?
Would you like to explore new tantric practices varying from methodical, classical ways to more intuitive and juicy experiences?
Navaratri Initiation is a unique opportunity to dive into the rich world of classical tantra and deity yoga during the auspicious time of Navaratri; nine nights of the Divine Feminine. This event offers a complete tantra sadhana (spiritual practice) along with rich experiential knowledge of classical tantra and the 10 Mahavidyas; wisdom goddesses.

3. 200 Hour Meditation & Yoga Teacher Training Course

Our Samyama 200hr Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training Course offers an opportunity for self-growth, personal development, and transformation. It will provide you with the tools necessary to develop your own personal practice or to step into your calling as a teacher and guide. We will explore yoga history and philosophy, anatomy, alignment, Ayurveda, yogic lifestyle and more while tapping into the expansiveness of the practices. The experience will be richly informative, empowering and inspiring.

4. Classical Tantra 3 Day Workshop

Ganesha Initiation is a great opportunity to dive into the rich world of classical tantra and deity yoga in a very accessible way. This event offers a complete tantra sadhana (spiritual practice) venerating Lord Ganesha; the remover of obstacles on a material and spiritual level along with rich experiential knowledge of classical tantra.

5. 3 Day Meditation and Yoga Retreat

Meditation is much more than just sitting cross-legged with closed eyes.  

Find out what meditation is; how it can change your brain and your habits. Discover what type of meditation actually works for you!

If you are tempted to learn about the popular practice of meditation but have doubts about whether or not you are cut out for it, this retreat is for you.

EVERYONE can do it! You just need the right guidance.

Broaden your understanding of meditation and begin your own practice with this 3 day meditation and yoga retreat.

6. 3 Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat

All paths ultimately lead to the same place, and that place is inside of you. It has been there all along.

All you need is the time, support and inspiration to discover it. Once you do, you never lose that connection.

The only thing required to return to that place of peace and unconditional love, is sitting quietly in stillness.

Kickstart your meditation practice with a 3 day Hridaya retreat. It just may change your life

7. 3 Day Movement and Yoga Retreat

You’re on the dance floor. All thoughts and judgements are gone, replaced with joy and freedom. Then you try to sit down to meditate in stillness and all of the thoughts come flooding back in?
What if you could take that joy and freedom that you feel while moving your body and integrate it into a deeper meditation practice?
After all, sitting cross-legged with closed eyes is not the only way to meditate.
Meditation in Motion introduces widely accessible, yet time-honored movement practices that induce meditative states.
Broaden your understanding of meditation and begin your own practice with this 3 day movement, meditation and yoga retreat in Bali.

8. Vibrance Private Yoga Therapy Retreat

Connect to your essence and the joy of life

  • Rejuvenate your body. 
  • Lighten your mind. 
  • Embrace your emotions. 
  • Refresh your perspective to life

 Vibrance is a 4-day retreat offering a unique synthesis of yoga therapy, tantra and ayurveda, happening in lush and divine Ubud, Bali.

9. Yoga Therapy, Detox and Spa Retreat

It is time to do something really good for yourself!

Christmas is a perfect time to let go of the old and enter a purification process.

This retreat combines hand-picked and tailor-made wellness modalities for you and brings them together in the lush and serene environment in Ubud.

Personalized yoga therapy practices, insightful discourses, heart-focused meditations, relaxing spa sessions, special excursions and magnificent meals all in a beautiful and peaceful setting surrounded by jungle and the rice fields of Ubud will help you to:

  • Rejuvenate your body
  • Lighten your mind
  • Embrace your emotions
  • Refresh your perspective on life

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Samyama Meditation Center Reviews

5(6 reviews)


Perth, Australia

Such an amazing place to experience a training or stay in because the vibe resonates so much I came back ??. Owned by beautiful people and run by amazing people. The added bonus is having a plant based cafe @eatcobali on site to nourish your body with food made with love ??.

Emma Sharples

Gianyar, Indonesia

A unique and perfect nest to rest, nourish the body, calm the mind - and rejoice in Spirit!!!! I stayed at Samyama for over a week - to say it was what I was looking for is an understatement. The location, out of the busy hustle and bustle of Ubud - nestled amidst rice fields is gorgeous and grounding. The Space - huge Meditation/Yoga Shala with terrace was the perfect setting for diving deep into the heart of Being. The rooms and facilities are comfortable and home-like with beautiful artwork and quotes offering a constant source of inspiration. The food prepared by Eat.Co was breathtaking - scrumptious, satisfying and nutritious! Thank you so much beautiful beings for a wonder-filled stay and I will definitely return if Bali appears on the horizon again for me. Love, blessing & gratitude, Emma

Lynne Marshall

Gianyar, Indonesia

I stayed at Samyama in September 2019 for a private Vibrance Retreat and it was amazing! A truly wonderful experience from beginning to end! Samyama provides a nurturing space to facilitate deep connections. Dijan and Devlin were knowledgeable, loving and supportive teachers. The facilities and staff were excellent! I’m absolutely craving the food from every dish was a gift to my body. ?? I’m still dreaming of Samyama daily and will happily return again.

Naomi Susy Mariyati

Gianyar, Indonesia

Most beautiful and tranquil spot you can find in the middle of Ubud , MAS. Easy access but still secluded. An oasis of lush greens and silence. Absolutely the perfect spot to meditate and heal. Their vegan restaurant Eat.Co serves the most amazing comfort food ever! Feels like coming home .

Christina Herwig

Gianyar, Indonesia

I stayed at Samyama for 5 weeks during my yoga teacher training and enjoyed it very much. The place is beautiful and has a very special atmosphere/energy. The people makes the place so special - Devlin and the team from Samyama and Eat.Co are all full of love and make it easy to feel like home.

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