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BeingSattvaa Luxury Retreat

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At BeingSattvaa, we begin each day with an appreciation for all that we've been given. You can relax and let yourself stroll through our sprawling gardens, feeling the blades of grass in between your toes and taking in the scent of the flowers around. You can take a moment to unplug - listen to the songs of the birds and the whisper of the wind, you can wander around our ample fruit and vegetable garden taking in the sights of the majestic coconut palms, the swaying banana plants, the lush jackfruit trees and many more...

At BeingSattvaa, we incorporate a routine that includes the four pillars of wellness: Exercise, Nutrition, Min dfulness Practice and Rest and Relaxation.


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BeingSattvaa Retreat Jalan Raya Kendran, Banjar Kepitu Desa Kendran Ubud Bali - Indonesia Postal Code - 80561
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