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Pilates Instruments Studio" was established in Ashkelon in April 2013. It is a small studio that creates an intimate atmosphere with a warm and personal attitude to every gymnast. The studio exercises up to 5 people, enabling personal, professional and accurate access to each student.The work is done on Pilates beds ("Reformer" and "Cadillac") connected to the springs - creating the resistance that leads to strengthening and extending the muscle at the same time.People who suffer from back, shoulder, knee and other problems and / or people who want to strengthen their core muscles (the most internal muscles in the body) can achieve this by regular training in Pilates instruments.The location of the studio is central and allows easy access to all those who come to it.We are open all days of the week (excluding Shabbat), flexible hours, and reasonable and reasonable prices.Our telephone number is 0558823020 . And our address: HaPardes Street 2/7 Eshkoli Paz, Ashkelon.

The Pilates method, named after the founder of the method Joseph Pilates, is a unique technique that harmoniously combines the physical and dynamic exercise of all muscle groups in the body with the development of awareness, concentration, control and precision that are the principles of the Pilates method. Pilates originally called the method "controlology" which means: a combination of physical and mental control. The method focuses on strengthening and shaping the muscles of the body without inflating them, and in this way the body is refined and educates it for flexibility and proper posture.Even before the Pilates method became public, it was popular among dancers, professional athletes who were exposed to the many benefits of Pilates. After them, the Pilates Institutes began to flood celebrities and models whose work required a healthy and healthy look, as well as a fresh feeling throughout the day.Pilates is a popular method of training for pregnant, young and old women. The method is suitable for every age and every level of physical fitness. The variety of exercises.


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Pilates Instruments Studio Ashkelon, The Armored Corps 19, Ashkelon, Israel
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