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Welcome to the page yoga studio "Tapas!" "Tapas" - is one of the fundamental principles of Yoga, which means "fire practice." Fire tempers and cleansing. Through practice, we cleanse the body of toxins and diseases, get rid of the blocks in the body and in the mind, purify and relax the mind, strengthen yourself both physically and spiritually. Another translation of the word "tapas" - a "consistency of practice" - one of the most difficult to accomplish at our life problems; but the body requires care and it is no secret that physical activity helps us to maintain and possibly improve the state of health only if there is a more or less regular practice. Yoga - psychophysical technique, which includes a multi-level study. In addition to the muscles and joints, we have to deal with the internal systems of the body. By mechanical impact on certain parts of the body, we influence the work of the glands, thus resulting in the ability to control the production of hormones. Using breathing techniques of yoga, we get access to the ""CPU"" of the body - the brain. Cleaning techniques of yoga are able to eliminate the problems of the genitourinary system, regulate digestion, improve the cardiovascular system. All this makes yoga is not only an excellent preventive tool, but also a unique health-improving agent. Three and a half step - size yoga mat - this is my gym, my treadmill and my temple. One and a half hours of training - the only time during the day, which I dedicate myself exclusively. The practice of yoga - that makes me a much more healthy, strong, happy, and, as a result, be much more effective in all my endeavors. There are many different styles of yoga. You can visit different schools and met opposite technique. This is logical and correct, because each of us is different, accordingly, there can be a style suitable for everyone. Moreover - in different periods of his life, we are forced to change their practices according to the situation, state of health, the availability of free time. However, there is no man who does not fit yoga - not suitable can be the style, the teacher or the time. We sincerely hope that we have managed to awaken in you a desire to check whether the time has not come to know this wonderful world, which is called yoga.


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יוגה סטודיו "Tapas", Ha-Galil St 86, Ganei Tikva, Israel
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