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Utopia Bar And Restaurant

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Utopia Bar And Restaurant


How to reach Utopia Bar And Restaurant

Utopia is located along the Nam Khan river on the "other side" of the Phousi Temple hill. You can get around the hill from either side of the night market / main street. Do not cross the river at any point, or you are definitely going the wrong direction! The walk is less than 10 minutes unless you stop to enjoy the views! The streets and pathways are well-lit, and you will be well-rewarded once you find Utopia! Path #1. From the corner near the Aussie Bar, walk down the hill about 50 meters and turn left down the alleyway next to the internet cafe and follow the signs. Path #2. Same as #1, except if you go past the internet cafe, continue 15 meters past Martins Pub, and take a left down the alleyway and turn right after the tiny bridge. If you see the gas station, you missed the alleyway. Path #3. From Lao Lao Gardens, go across the street and down the alleyway past S-Bar. Walk across the temple grounds, down the stairs, and follow the signs to Utopia.

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Utopia, Kingkitsarath Road, Luang Prabang, Laos
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