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Bab Zouina Yoga, nature & retreat

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Bab Zouina Yoga, nature & retreat

1 Reviews
Ronaldo Carvalho
There are not enough adjectives to describe how wonderful this place is! Karim, Helene, Ibrahim and the whole team are so nice and make you feel so welcome! They are genuinely wonderful people. The place itself is filled with good vibes. You must watch the sunrise! The mountains make it more special. I stayed over there for two nights and was not part of any classes or training but it was a stunning experience. Even the cats are lovely - I am not a cat person and somehow they were clinging on to me. People are very calm and they all transmit an amazing feeling of respect and care. Karim has some projects linked to the community and that makes a huge difference. The way he speaks to his team is very noble and you can tell how much they appreciate it. Even the volunteers spending time over there were very impressed. I would love to come back to this amazing place.

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Bab Zouina Halfway House in Marrakesh, Morocco
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