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Osho Divine Temple

5 (15 reviews) 181 Views Yoga Retreat Kathmandu,

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Osho Divine Temple

15 Reviews
Michelle v
Thank you Swami Basu for an amazing experience. You have taught me a beautiful way to heal. The way you teach is easy to follow and understand. You are truly a beautiful soul and I wish you well for the future. A fantastic, recommended experience, thank you.
Mukunda G
The place is as divine as it sounds. Everything about this place was blissful. Loved every moment when i was there. It was one of the best experiences of my life if not the best. Thanks to Swami Basu and his lovely parents for such a tremendous experience.

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Near Osho Tapoban, 1 Number Bridge Trishuli Highway, Mudkhu P.O. Box: 7147
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