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Anahata Yoga Retreat

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Anahata Yoga Retreat

6 Reviews
Mel Stephenson
My time at Anahata for the Christmas Retreat program was not only an authentic yogic experience, but also the most authentic and beautiful Christmas experience I've had in many, many years. The environment, food and community are all so wonderful and it was a blessing to be able to take some time out to for myself and escape the craziness of the outside world. Do yourself a favour, and consider a visit.
Nicole Benkert
Such a generous and caring bunch of people. I had an amazing time at the permaculture retreat. Loved the food, loved the silence, loved the nature, loved the people. Thanks for showing me another way of living.??

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Anahata Yoga Retreat - NZ, 727 Bird Rd, Takaka 7142, New Zealand
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