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Abundance Yoga And Pilates

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Abundance Yoga And Pilates

6 Reviews
Jacqui Taylor
The abundance studio in Thorndon is badly run. I arrived today at 11.50 before the 12pm class to find the door locked. 6 others were already waiting. I went downstairs and got a gym employee to unlock the door who said the manager would be back from vacation and was to open. She never turned up. If we'd waited for the instructor to open we would have waited another ten minutes (but it's not her job to open). Went in to the studio (which was warm today) (it's not always) and the floor had lots of hair and fluff on it (which is common and I've mentioned to staff often). So I went and got the brush and shovel and swept near my mat. There is another hot yoga studio in town which is always hot, clean and always has a receptionist to greet you. And they don't let people come in late which happened today and does regularly. Abundance could learn a lot from this other studio. Abundance does have free parking though which is great.
Emily Johnstone
I swear my butt has lifted like half an inch after barre class!! Definitely working this into my routine from now on! Thanks Alyssa ;-)

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