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Pure Gym-spa-yoga Cafe

3.5 (5 reviews) 740 Views Yoga Training Centre Granada,

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Pure Gym-spa-yoga Cafe

5 Reviews
Elena Arguello Reyes
Pure. Es el mejor gym donde ofrece los mejores tips para tu salud. Tanto físico como alimenticios. Pure siempre piensa en el cliente. Uno se siente muy en familia en este spa. Todo su statf es muy amable. No se quede con la duda visitalo y se convencerá.
Sara R. Castaneda
Amazing staff, food, and ambiance. Residents Snoopy the turtle and Clara the duck are extremely welcoming. Warren has definitely worked to build an authentic and very hospitable family at Pure. I highly recommend this gym/spa/yoga studio and I sampled all the services, no place in Granada can compare. Locals. I highly recommend. Pure es deacachimba!


Lodging at PURE We host guests in our two comfortable rooms at PURE. The rooms have a queen sized bed, a desk, a fan and private bathroom. Since they do not have air conditioning, we categorize the lodging at PURE as an “economic” option when part of our retreat packages. Hotel con Corazon Hotel con Corazon is a small hotel in the center of Granada. All rooms have the necessary elements to make you feel right at home; a warm atmosphere, comfortable bed, soft towels and a well equipped bathroom. Located four blocks from Pure. Hotel Plaza Colon Hotel Plaza Colon is located right in front of Parque Central in the historical city of Granada. The hotel is set in an elegant antique colonial house that has been restored to its original style and architecture, with external courtyards and balconies overlooking Parque Central and the Cathedral.



We always offer two delicious lunch and dinner options, and one or two other specials of the day. Our two mainstays are: Homemade Chili: (aka American style veggie bean stew). Arguably, the best veggie chili in Central America. Comes with a homemade cheese-filled tortilla (una revuelta). Burritos: Wraps flour tortilla filled with sauteed vegetables, smoothies beans, mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Comes with a side salad with ranch or italian dressing. Some of the daily specials that we offer are: Veggie Burrito with Green Salad & Curried Vegetables and Brown Rice Risotto with grilled vegetables. Accompanied by a rich colorful salad with toasted almonds. Our breakfast menu always includes: A Fruit, Homemade Yogurt and Granola bowl and The Egg-breakfast with Toast. Just let us know how you like ’em! Breakfasts and Lunches are always $4 and include coffee, tea or juice. Dinners cost $5 and include a tea or juice.

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PURE Gym - Spa - Yoga, Calle Corrales, Granada, Nicaragua
USD 15.00 Avg. Price / day

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