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About Yoga Shala There are so many reasons to practice yoga: for your health, for fitness, for peace, for sanity, for relaxation, for liberation. Whatever your reason, Yoga is for every“body”. Yoga Shala, situated in the heart of Port Elizabeth, offers a variety of yoga classes 6 days a week in the mornings and evenings. We have classes suitable for all levels of practitioner as well as regular beginner’s courses designed to give you a solid foundation for a regular and effective practice. We look forward to seeing you on the mat. Namaste. Yoga Shala Etiquette: Please switch your cellphone off or on silent (without vibrate). Please wear comfortable clothing. If your clothing needs constant adjusting it is going to be distracting you (possibly others) from your practice. Keep your awareness on your own mat. Your progression happens with intimate awareness of what is happening in your own body. Please don’t wear strong perfume or deodorant. Please listen to your body! If you need to come out of a posture before the rest of the class, please do. If unsure, ask your instructor for advice. Be kind to your body, practice ahimsa. Please respect & be courteous to your fellow yogi’s & yogini’s. Please enter through the side gate and put your things in the treatment room at the back. Yoga Shala classes are open to anyone of any religion, sexual orientation, race & species.


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Yoga Shala, 13 Bain Street, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth, 6070, South Africa
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