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About Absolute Yoga Academy

About Absolute Yoga Academy

Turning Passionate Students into Highly-Qualified Teachers Since 2006,Absolute Yoga Academy is one of the most-respected and rigorous teacher training schools in the world. Our programs were born out of necessity—we needed more teachers for our growing studio group—and this professional-orientation since day one laid the foundation for a truly unique yoga school that nurtures career-minded teachers.

Today, we’re most proud of the success of our graduates. Since 2006, we have trained over 2,000 teachers, studio owners, and business leaders teaching in 38 countries. We pride ourselves in turning passionate students into yoga professionals by offering exceptionally-high training standards, top notch facilities, and an alumni network that is unmatched.Absolute Yoga Academy is a place where students go to become teachers, and where teachers go to become industry transformers. Join the movement…

The 5 Pillars of Absolute Yoga Academy Training

#1 Professionalism

AYA began as a way to train our own staff. We needed more teachers in our studios, but the skills set of most applicants was so low, we decided to create our own courses. Since day one, our sole purpose has been to turn passionate students into highly-qualified teaching professionals. From our manuals and curriculum planning to our teaching teams and facilities, everything is in service of professional-oriented training.

#2 Low Student-to-Teacher Ratios

While the industry standard is to have 20, 30 or even 40+ students for every teacher, we typically have just 8-12 students per teacher to provided more personalized attention, faster learning, and a deeper immersion experience. Studies show that smaller class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratio always provides for a better learning environment, so we make it a priority in all courses.

#3 Empowered Graduates

We love our graduates and encourage them to use their teaching credential to its fullest. Our graduates own studios, retreat and training businesses, and are leaders in their local communities. Absolute Yoga Academy has done away with mandatory re-certification requirements and we don’t impose any restrictions on our graduates teaching styles or locations. Your choice, your career, your yoga.

#4 Ethical Teaching Standards

As the yoga community matures, it’s crucial that the industry self-governs and self-regulates to ensure that yoga studios are ethical and safe throughout the world. For this reason, Absolute Yoga Academy is a non-dogmatic, guru-free zone and the ethics of leadership are taught in every course. All trainers are contractually-bound by the same ethical guidelines the school teaches—we walk our talk.

#5 To Teach is to Serve

While the media can sometimes portray yoga as a hobby of the super fit, super model types, at Absolute Yoga Academy, we take an old school approach and focus on the yoga of service. Quite simply, we use classic hatha yoga practices to help people achieve optimal mind-body health. Down-to-earth, toes-on-the-mat, change your life kind of yoga is what we’re all about.

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