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About Yoga Con Gracia

Who are we

Gracefully Yoga is a yoga workshop open to all neighborhood. A workshop to share our passion and dedication to yoga with all who live or work in Gracia (and those of other neighborhoods too!).

A organizatorio level we are a non-profit association, we "teachers" are volunteers offer classes, we work or other projects that allow us to have the freedom to teach, because most of all we want to share the experience of our yoga.Each of us has his own personality teaching practice so enriqueza and makes it unique, because what is important in yoga is the present moment and feel what we have inside !!!!Gracefully Yoga is a yoga workshop which means that we are all together to experience the yoga experience and we are all beginners in front of our practice.And from the mat entente space to become comfortable with your body, peace of mind, and be discoverable from within.

That is the Grace Yoga proposal.


Hatha Yoga is the best known yoga or rather tell everyone who wants to start yoga has heard this generic word Hatha.

Hatha, simple definition:

  • Ha = Sol
  • Tha = Moon

Yoga means "Union"; therefore the practice of yoga is the union of the Sun and the Moon, that is, to get to "balance" of these two energies we have in the body.Hatha yoga is found in all styles of yoga because it is based on a series of asanas or postures.a sequence of asanas where the necessary balance between each of the asanas is contemplated to keep the body in perfect physical health is understood.In practice asanas or postures it includes Pranayama or breathing time for Dyana or meditation.Tranform his practice in meditation and conscious action and bring their experience in their daily lives.


The word Jivamukti is derived from the Sanskrit term "Jivanmukti" which means state of liberation or enlightenment. Jivan means an individual being and Mukti means liberation. Jivamukta = one being released.

5 Principles of Jivamukti Yoga are:

  • Ahimsa: lifestyle with compassion and respect for life
  • Bhakti: devotion
  • MEDITATION: maintain a connection with reality and become more witness of your thoughts
  • NADA YOGA: deeply listen to your inner voice, singing or listening to mantras
  • SCRIPTURE: the study of the scriptures, yoga sutras in Sanskrit

Sharon Gannon & David Life are the founders of this method of integral yoga. They are spiritual activists for over 25 years and have been recognized as innovative yoga". Jivamukti is now one of the most important styles of Hatha Yoga offered today worldwide for teaching yoga old methods in a modern context.

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5(1 reviews)


Barcelona, Spain

I am very grateful to have found this school and space. The energy in the school is very warm and welcoming. I am just happy after a class which is thanks to the good teachers I had so far. Highly recommended. :)

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