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THE CENTRE OF HOLISTIC HEALTH & TOTAL WELL-BEING Founded in 1984, Barberyn Reef, as far as we know, actually is the world’s first Ayurveda Health Centre established in a resort setting, dedicated to provide Authentic Ayurveda to guests from overseas. It has been featured in numerous international publications and received pioneering status from the Government of Sri Lanka. From a small beginning in 1984, the health centre is now an extensive facility, providing from the simple to the most complex Ayurveda therapies. A special research and development section continues to refine the products and the treatments. Guests have expressed delight with the continuing improvements. Around the world, the search is on for safer medicines that have no adverse side effects. Ayurvedic therapy is not simply a collection of herbal recipes. It is a holistic scientific system, based on a profound philosophy, leading to a long and healthy life without illness. The majority of Barberyn’s guests wish to improve their health and well-being - and have a great beach vacation at the same time. Some have medical conditions for which western medicine has no solution. All our guests quickly learn to “listen” to their bodies - and feel the tension and stress dissolve with the warm oil and the rhythmic strokes of the therapists. An increasing number of guests come to seek Ayurveda treatment of shoulder pain, back ache, sciatica, insomnia, Gastritis ulcers, skin disorders, psoriasis, allergies, arthritis - to name just a few of the illnesses treated. Ayurveda has very effective remedies for these specific medical problems. The Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Health Centre has a team of specially trained staff members: resident Ayurveda doctors, therapists, medicine makers and acupuncture specialists. Barberyn has everything that an Ayurveda Health Centre has to make your vacation a precious gift to your health.

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