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Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts Reef Hotel

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Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts Reef Hotel

8 Reviews
Heather James
I went to Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts in Bentota after a lot of research- in my mind it’s basically a beautiful oasis of a hospice masking as a “resort”. When I factored in my consultations, Ayurvedic daily medicine, daily massages, daily Ayurvedic treatments, acupuncture, yoga twice a day and 3 meals a day with amazing Ayurvedic local 5 star buffet it was definitely worth the money spent. The staff were outstanding and the wellness center took very good care of me. I believe this is one of the first Ayurvedic treatment centers in Sri Lanka, locally owned by a family that seem to truly care about what they do. I HIGHLY recommend going here. I also admired that they didn’t hardly have any single use plastic and are making an effort to be sustainable and support the local community.
Barberyn is a special place. I felt at home and in very proffessional and save hands from the very first moment. The service is all inclusice - I did not pay a single cent extra for any of the special ayurvedic treatments. All medicine and oils are produced in house. I was truly impressed. I hope the country (the world!) recovers quickly from Corona so I can return for at least 2 weeks.

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Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort, 6th Lane, Beruwala, Sri Lanka
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