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The Kandy Samadhi Centre

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The Kandy Samadhi Centre

10 Reviews
Petz Scholtus
We stayed at the KSC for 6 nights and did a 5 day treatment which was magical! The place is gorgeous; beautifully designed with all the antique features and in the middle of the forest which is very peaceful and lush. Being so connected to nature is wonderful when you do a treatment like this. The staff is very friendly and helpful and always available with a big smile. We got upgraded which was a nice surprise and they helped us make travel arrangements for the next part of our trip. The food is incredible!!! And the massages are otherworldly. Dr Silva knows what he's doing but unfortunately I found him a a little difficult to understand the way he spoke fast and mixed in Singhalese words when he spoke. There were other guests who had a hard time not being able to shower for several days (something that is required so the oils work better on your body) and seemed a little uncomfortable with the facilities but we loved the authenticity of this place and were very comfortable. We will definitely try to go back, next time long enough to do the panchakarma.
Wilfried van Els
The Kandy Samadhi Center is furnished throughout with fine antique furniture and artefacts which the owner has sourced over many years from different parts of Sri Lanka.It was a delight to meet someone who is so keen to preserve the cultural heritage of his country. The room we had was very comfortable and filled with beautiful antiques. We enjoyed excellent authentic home cooked Sri Lankan food. We would definitely stay there again and might even go out of our way just to repeat the experience.

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