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The Kandy Samadhi Centre

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kandy samadhi centre Samadhi Spa for the Spirit!

Fifty minutes northeast of Kandy the fertile landscape becomes a mass of lush vegetation reverberating with unfamiliar birdsong. The human populace too seem a different breed, profligate with smiles and allowing their abundant good sat sung to spill over and cloak the visitor. Go past the triangular ambalama and up the steps where you squeeze past the statue of a giant Hindu goddess - half woman, half horse.

Inside the entrance hall at Samadhi you are watched over by a silk tapestry depicting seven Buddhist monks each holding a lotus blossom in their hand. Each monk is a different shade of brown. Likewise, the cultural diversity of this island is reflected in the villagers, who form the core of what makes Samadhi run smoothly; they are unspoiled and courteous; every man, woman or boy will calmly break from sweeping the stone pathway, lighting the oil lamp or picking fresh produce for your lunch to wish you “Ayubowan!” the traditional Sinhala welcome which means “Let there be long life!”

Samadhi weaves its magic on you from the moment you enter through the massive Kandyan doorway set into stone. Suri mama, the soft-spoken guardian of Samadhi and its Manager, is there to greet you. He is also resident artist who is responsible for the murals of Tantric art on the walls.

Samadhi nurtures the spirit, calms the mind

The inspiration for the design and architecture was born of meditation. And so you willingly leave your city husk behind at the gates…with no signal for mobile phones, it is the perfect opportunity to let nothing interrupt the sounds of forest birdsong, of tree frogs and crickets and the whisper of the breeze from the trees.

The thirteen pavilions, which lean out of the hillside, are veritable temples of tranquility. They are designed to make you feel you are the only person staying here. Privacy is everything. Yet there are no unnecessary walls.

This results in a truly serene environment surrounded by urns, art and treasures dating back to a time Kandy was a Royal realm. Here everything is king-sized. The Indonesian teak bed in a double room is spacious enough to sleep three people comfortably. But even the smallest suite provides a four-poster bed to dream in.

Surrender your senses

The spacious verandahs of each suite of rooms give onto paddy fields, nearby mountains and bench terraces filled with herb gardens or pineapples. Bamboos reach out with their four-fingered leaves to fan a breeze at you.

In the surrounding natural forest, Mango, Toddy Palm, Mahogany and Jak trees rub necks with giant bamboo, Avocado and Chinese Guava. The Kukul- Oya River meets the Hulu-Ganga, conveniently creating several spots for river bathing amongst the rocks and baby rapids. Here Plumbago (graphite) was found in lumps amongst the pebbles. But the locals had since been driven to eke out a meager living selling fruit and vegetables off roadside stalls.

The Kandy Samadhi Centre Reviews (10)

Petz Scholtus
We stayed at the KSC for 6 nights and did a 5 day treatment which was magical! The place is gorgeous; beautifully designed with all the antique features and in the middle of the forest which is very peaceful and lush. Being so connected to nature is wonderful when you do a treatment like this. The staff is very friendly and helpful and always available with a big smile. We got upgraded which was a nice surprise and they helped us make travel arrangements for the next part of our trip. The food is incredible!!! And the massages are otherworldly. Dr Silva knows what he's doing but unfortunately I found him a a little difficult to understand the way he spoke fast and mixed in Singhalese words when he spoke. There were other guests who had a hard time not being able to shower for several days (something that is required so the oils work better on your body) and seemed a little uncomfortable with the facilities but we loved the authenticity of this place and were very comfortable. We will definitely try to go back, next time long enough to do the panchakarma.
Wilfried van Els
The Kandy Samadhi Center is furnished throughout with fine antique furniture and artefacts which the owner has sourced over many years from different parts of Sri Lanka.It was a delight to meet someone who is so keen to preserve the cultural heritage of his country. The room we had was very comfortable and filled with beautiful antiques. We enjoyed excellent authentic home cooked Sri Lankan food. We would definitely stay there again and might even go out of our way just to repeat the experience.

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USD 17.00 Avg. Price / day