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Ayurveda Paragon

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Ayurveda Paragon

7 Reviews
Loyse d
With my mother we had the best stay ever at the Paragon Hotel : )! We fell in love with this little paradise filled with such kind people, we feel blessed about this whole experience . This place is a real little gem. a very traditional unpretentious Ayurvedic hotel facing the ocean protected by a reef which makes the swimming very secure and safe. There is a very big swimming pool with salted water which is perfect for a long swim. You can order fresh juices all day long at anytime served by the kindest smiley waiters. Everyday you have treatments for 2 hours by therapists who have magical hands! You feel like a new person after this stay!The sound of the ocean accompanies you during this very relaxing process and every night you fall asleep deeply and you feel at peace. In the morning you wake up with the songs of the king fischers and other tropical birds and have unbelievable breakfasts lunch and dinners all very healthy and fresh. The doctors are real professionals who give you unforgettable advices and life lessons. We will come back! a place to go without hesitation! Perfect place to go alone or with your mother or best friend!!! Good for any age!
lauren m
I stayed at the Paragon for a week in Dec 2018. I was the youngest person by a country mile (32) but that didn´t matter. Waking up to the sound of the sea straight to meditation followed by light yoga was just such a great start to my mornings. The food was FANTASTIC! I tried to really eat vegan the whole week (with a couple pieces of yummy fish in between. The herbal medication I struggled a little to follow and take, but I am very healthy so I don´t think this mattered so much. I spent my mornings reading by the pool being delivered coconuts and swimming in the reef. Afternoons were spent having massages and in the stéam bath or sauna. The paragon is really an authentic Ayurveda experience. The staff are just wonderful too and they can´t do enough for you. The only downside I would say is its very German. I speak German so it was ok, but i think if you don´t you might feel a little excluded. The place could do with a bit of an upgrade but it is very clean. Overall I think if you are looking for an authentic Ayurveda re-treat and you have ailments which needs cured, this is the right place. I would love to take my mum back! oh and I was also travelling alone! no problem at all do it!

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Hotel Paragon (Pvt.) Ltd., 1002 Matara Road, Talpe 80615, Sri Lanka
EUR 193.20 Avg. Price / day

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