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Surf Spirit Jungle Villa

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SURF & YOGA RETREATS SRI LANKA I INDONESIA I SPAIN LIVE THE SPIRIT Welcome to Surf Spirit. We are proud to offer personal, quality and limited Surf & Yoga Retreats in the most fascinating places in the world. We have also designed a sustainable and limited t-shirt collection. All shirts are vegan, fair and handmade. We are already looking forward to meeting you! OUR STORY INSPIRED BY OUR PASSION FOR SURFING, YOGA, MUSIC AND COMMUNITY, WE CREATED LOCATIONS WHICH SHARE ALL OF THIS WITH YOU. From the feeling of freedom during surftrips to our very own concept We are Dana & Nils from Germany. We've spent a lot of time on the European coastlines with our close friends. Our crew is shaped by a passion for surfing, yoga, music, and community. During our travels, we have always experienced an incredible sense of freedom. This feeling has accompanied us throughout our adventures and discoveries.The idea to share our lifestyle We wanted to create a place where a community of like-minded people could meet. So we have developed a Surf & Yoga concept with which we aim to inspire our guests to dive even deeper into the world of surfing & yoga. Every guest should be able to take something home with them at the end. The focus is on quality surf & yoga sessions. Magical places due to special people We have met many interesting people on our travels. Some contacts just magically fell at our feet. On the other hand, surfing allows you to quickly meet a lot of like-minded people. We are very communicative and with an idea up our sleeves, opportunities quickly emerged. When the region also offers smooth waves, a breathtaking landscape, and magical vibes, you know that you have found a place of the heart, where everything just falls into place.


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Athtragoda Road, Unawatuna 80600, Sri Lanka
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