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Weligama Bay Beach Hotel

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Weligama Bay Beach Hotel

40 Reviews
Roni-Marie Gold
My family and I (Two boys, 7 and 10, husband and aunt) stayed at Weligama Bay Resort for a week in February. It was truly a wonderful experience. The staff treated us like family. They were so helpful in all regards. They catered to our dietary needs, helped my kids get their breakfast while my husband and I surfed, gave surf lessons to our aunt, made us coconut ice cream just because they knew we loved it, left us special flowers and messages on our bed after cleaning our room. I can't speak highly enough about this hotel. It was one of the best vacations we have ever had! Thank you for making our trip even more special.
Steve Robert
BE AWARE - Be carefull at near weligama bay. There is a guy, who claims to be “not liar” and have a nice, independent talk with you. After, he offered a tour around turtle farm, snake farm,tea factory, spice garden, It was OK, but I noticed few problems (I should be careful before, but I wasn’t...) Most of the places he took us, was just tourist traps. We actually didn’t fall for it, but still... and second thing, he asked for 4000,- Rs before the trip in advance. I gave it to him, next day (tour day) I gave him price we agreed on - but he didn’t calculate in the 4000,- Rs I gave him! I forgot about it... today we were moving to Colombo so he offered a transport for 10000 (big van for 6 people). We agreed. He fooled me and driver - I gave him 5.000,- Rs at morning, we agreed that I will give the driver 5000 - but the driver was informed that he should receive rs10000. So we were discussing about this situation via phone... and it was nonsense. So please be careful with this guys, they looks very trustable, but they are big liars.

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Weligama Bay Resort, Matara Road, Weligama 81700, Sri Lanka
USD 155.00 Avg. Price / day

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