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Sammasati Retreat Center

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Sammasati Retreat Center

4 Reviews
Lori UK
I really enjoyed the difference and the dynamic between teachers. Perhaps it is a good idea to make sure that students are serious about Yoga before entering the course. It did change the energy and seriousness and pace had some people completely new to Yoga. Although I did still appreciate this and it grew on me, and I saw where I could open up and accept. I feel stronger physically, mentally, and in my understanding of Yoga. I do feel prepared to get out and start teaching and keep growing from there. I feel like my diet, and eating habits have improved which is awesome. Thank you for this space and everything.
Lori UK
My body got stronger; I know the alignments of all postures I made wrong for so long. I probably got stretchier, but I cannot feel it right now as I am really sore;) The changes of my body are here, but the greatest changes are probably the way I see life now compared to how it was before. I am glad that I could meet Lizet and Reshma and the confidence they gave be for teaching makes me feel euphoric Nadja Germany

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Sammasati Retreat, 196 Huay Sai, mae rim, Chiang Mai, 50180, Thailand
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