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Our main house is built in traditional, open-style Thai Lanna design. From the large porch you can enjoy a spectacular view of the whole surrounding area. All activities are centered around it. We provide accommodation in 3 adjacent houses.

1. The Garden House, constructed with bricks made of mud from our pond. The walls keep the interior cool during the daytime, and warm during cold winter nights.

2. The River View House is a teak wood alpine cottage next to the river.

3. The Rice House is a teak wood barn at least 70 years old, originally built to store rice. We dismantled it in the neighboring village and rebuilt it here. According to local custom, these houses are built on wooden columns to protect the rice from insects and animals.

More accommodation is provided in guesthouses nearby. One is just 10 minutes walk along the river and built in the old Thai Ayutthaya teak wood style. But there is also a wide variety of guesthouses ranging from budget bamboo huts from US$2.5 a night, to boutique hotels artistically decorated in Arabian style for a few hundred dollars (US). Bookings can be made through us or directly.

Other Facilities on-site include: ample toilets, showers and lockers. Free WiFi. Help with making bookings for hire-cars, taxis, and travel arrangements for elephant rides, visits to the hot springs and the great Pai canyon etc …


The Womb is on a very beautiful piece of land in the north of Thailand, south-east of the Himalayas. It is a 10 minute drive by motorbike from the village of Pai. There is an old traditional Thai teak house on the property with a colonial-style interior. There is a pond with a bamboo grove and big trees. We are in a big valley surrounded by mountains that were once volcanoes, which is why we have hot springs here.

The Meditation and Group Room

An artistically built, stand-alone pavilion with 110 square meters of floor space. Shaped in the form of an octagon and surrounded by trees. The wooden teak ceiling gives the room a warm feeling; the seating uses traditional Thai style cushions, and three big A/C units keep the room fresh.

The powerful sound system is guaranteed to make you jump! In addition, there is a large LCD screen for videos. It will function as a group room for workshops, meditations and concerts. The local electric power supply can be relied on for approximately 98% of the time, and for the remaining 2%, we have our own generator back-up system.

The Pool

The use of the pool is reserved for the aquatic work we are offering. It is not for guests who are staying here or visitors. However in some cases we do make exceptions. Ask us for details ... It is a natural Himalayan salt water pool. It is chlorine-free and heated by solar panels.

Water purification is carried out by using Hydrogen peroxide and Zeolite filtration. The Himalayan salt, is widely considered to be the purest form of salt available on earth. This salt was formed 250 million years ago and is protected by caves from harmful pollutants. The pool is designed to accommodate aquatic work. Water temperature is 34 degrees Celsius. Depth is 1.25 meters. It is 14 meters long and 4 meters wide.

The Garden

We have 6,000 square meters of garden with a bamboo grove, a pond, and big trees. The land is on a cliff, below is a river where one can paddle along with our bamboo float. We are surrounded by rice fields and forest.

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