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Exhale has taken on the serious business of yoga, pilates, and feel-good fitness classes to another level, coupling together the benefits of the classes with beautiful and elegant surroundings. We believe that every woman needs a place she can escape to that makes her feel, simply, good . Great. Relaxed. Energised. HOW DO WE MAKE YOU BREATHE BETTER? We believe in our philosophy, we want you to breathe better. Live better Yoga and Pilates are the main form of exercise on offer, with over 35 hours available per week. If you are new to either, or if they are not your cup of tea, fear not! The stresses of hectic Dubai can be eased in many other ways - with an extensive range of classes that have a fun twist to them, such as our exclusive Latino Cardio class! In the studio, you will find that every little detail has been well-thought of. From our changing rooms and lockers to our refreshment bar and goodies-corner, you will find that we have worked hard to make your experience worthwhile Pilates Dubai Our team is made up of highly skilled, qualified and passionate trainers who have many years of experience and will guide you smoothly towards achieving a better health and fitness level within the realm of the Pilates world WHAT IS PILATES? Pilates is an exercise philosophy based on mindful movement and aimed towards a healthier lifestyle. It is an innovative and safe way to strengthen and shape your body using a Mat or various equipment such as reformer, chair, tower bar and Trapeze table. Pilates is more than just a trend, but rather a mind-body practice, where the mind is engaged to think the movement through and execute it with a deeper level of understanding. Instructors use a variety of verbal, tactile or imagery cues to guide participants towards the specific benefits of each exercise. When practiced regularly, Pilates teaches body awareness, good posture and graceful movement. It also improves flexibility, agility and efficiency of motion. That is why Pilates is beneficial for any lifestyle; It allows people who work behind desks to counteract the effects of gravity and computers on their spine; it also complements many sports disciplines, helps athletes perform better and decrease the risk of injury. Pilates is based on 6 principles that lead the logic of the repertoire: breathing, concentration, movement control, centering, precision, and flow. Through these, the benefits of Pilates are countless: better posture, increased core stability and strength, improved body/movement control, enhanced movement distribution across the whole spine, and better balance.


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Exhale Fitness Studio, Murjan 1, Plaza Level، Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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