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Dru Yoga And Meditation Center Reviews

5(6 reviews)

Kerry Wright

Horton, England

Dru yoga and meditation is a gentle but profound journey and perhaps the most joyous and accessible paths available to us all. The depth of knowledge is faultless. Highly recommended in a world of countless spiritual offerings for its physical mental and spiritual integrity and stunning earth service mastery.

Sara Browne

Victoria, Australia

Dru is a wonderful carefully researched and developed form of yoga that is accessible to everyone through the wide range of modifications and sequences it offers. My flexibility and back pain have improved enormously. Thank you Dru!

Carly Kite

Horton, England

Dru yoga has completely transformed my life. The teacher training course was truly amazing and I now have a few regular classes that I teach. I can't thank the Dru team enough for their continued support, friendship and mountain if knowledge. With love, light & gratitude xxx

Isabel Carter

Horton, England

Dru Yoga has changed my life, pure and simple. I am so grateful that I discovered Dru, for all the amazing and inspiring teachers that have helped me over the last 20 years and all the fabulous friends I have made. Prior to finding Dru I had been a regular yogi practising many different styles, even doing some teacher training but when I found Dru it was like coming home, I didn't need to search any more. Dru is the only yoga I have practised since.

Kent Hill

Horton, England

I am a male senior citizen who discovered Dru Yoga 10 months ago. I started to attend a local weekly class and later began practicing daily at home using the ‘Calm Clear & Relaxed’ DVD. I feel so much younger as a ‘junior citizen’ & look forward to progressing further on their program of courses in Snowdonia.

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