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Main Line Meditation opened in Ardmore August of 2014. At our center, we use a ground-breaking meditation method that is currently being used in more than 340 centers in 41 countries and steadily gaining popularity worldwide. We provide individual and group guided meditation, using the unique method of subtraction, that anyone regardless of age, culture, experience with meditation, or educational level can use to create profound changes in their lives. The subtraction method allows for deep emotional and psychological changes that enhance feelings of well-being, safety, acceptance, connection with others, harmony, and self-awareness. The results of this method are unprecedented in the history of meditative practice. As a staff at Main Line Meditation, we look forward with great enthusiasm in guiding you along this incredible journey! Now, the way to great enlightenment has opened… MEDITATION METHOD Basic Principles of the Meditation Method ​ People are incomplete because they live inside their own mind world, composed of their life lived and thoughts. People create their own false mind worlds by storing their memories as images and because of this they live trapped inside these self-made worlds. The false mind world is molded by the lives people have lived and by the experiences they have had. All people believe their own false mind worlds to be the real world, because the images they have taken What Changes When Doing This Meditation People become healthy, enlighten on their own, become accomplished, and get to know. Become smarter, there are many illnesses which become cured, and know the principle of the world. Become a saint, know God, Buddha, go to the forever-living heaven while living. Mind becomes at peace, will be free from myself and it is great freedom and liberation. Will escape from life, aging, sickness, death; and happiness, anger, sadness, pleasure; and the 7 emotions (happiness, anger, sadness, pleasure, love, dislike, desires) and 5 desires (material thing fame/honor, opposite sex, food, sleep). If you become Truth, you can know the Bible, Buddhist scriptures. Person becomes clean, bright, positive and gains confidence. You have wisdom about the world so you can live well. You can accept well and so conflicts disappear. You escape completely from your concepts and habits. Enemies disappear and you become Truth and know all of the Truth so you can truly love. Go to where you need to go and exist and be born in the world, do the work you were meant to do, this is the reason why you were born. You will accomplish all the reasons and purposes of being born as a human. You lack nothing. Your false mind which is a videotape becomes the universe so you know all there is to know.


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Main Line Meditation, 2nd Fl., 18 Ardmore Ave, Ardmore, PA 19003, United States
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