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Alison Montgomery

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Alison Montgomery

3 Reviews
Jill Suttie
I started meeting with Alison to help me through some complicated grief I was experiencing last fall, and she really helped me to move through it. Her warm energy and insight was invaluable when I was struggling, and her methods are powerful. I highly recommend her if you are wanting deep transformation.
Elisse Gabriel
Alison is a lifesaver. A gifted healer, she helped me during one of the most emotionally challenging periods of my life. When I first started seeing her I was stuck, unable to break free of my ruminations, anxiety, and trauma. Within one session, I felt like I'd already made a breakthrough. After a series of sessions, my life actually began to shift as I gained awareness, insight, and a sense of healing. Through the combination of deep meditation, energetic healing, and visualization, I made progress in a way that far exceeded traditional talk therapy. I recommend her highly.

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