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Tibetan Nyingma Institute Retreat Center

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Tibetan Nyingma Institute Retreat Center

3 Reviews
Lilly Peterson
This is a very welcoming place where you can practice noble skills and learn life needed lessons that can make you more self-aware and more focused on what really matters, as well as help you broaden your education and your knowledge. This is by far in my opinion the most authentic place with wisdom lessons that are effective and practical and by all means actionable. It’s the real deal indeed! I’ve been taking classes at the institute over the years and I have taken different courses including skillful means, meditation, basic and advanced, psychology classes and Tibetan yoga. I found all of it very useful. All instructors that have been working with me are patient, very knowledgeable and amazing. There is something for everyone, all judgement-free!
Hunter Joslin
I lived and worked here as a volunteer. It's superbly unique, warm, and welcoming. The garden is beautiful and the people are friendly. The work they do is far reaching and peace oriented. It's an all around wonderful place for meditation and spiritual growth. And the food at Nyingma is delicious. I hope to return soon.

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Tibetan Nyingma Institute, 1815 Highland Pl, Berkeley, CA 94709, USA
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