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5(7 reviews)
Meditation Training Centre
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Bloomingdale Body And Brain Yoga Tai Chi Reviews

5(7 reviews)

Karen Doukas

Awesome place! For a few days my husband's neck and back were very sore for a few days. Returning home from CGI, it was no more! We came and spent the day here. Everyone was so helpful and accommodating. We were warmly greeted by Nicole and Kristen. Their Café is really nice and Coffee and Tea are on the house. I asked for lemon and hot water and it was no problem. If you need anything the staff is there to help you. Master Marni's Ki-Gong class was out of this world and ...

Amy Lange

When I visited with my mom she was so happy to experience a "real" energy healing from an expert here. I had been sharing about the quality here for years but experiencing it was powerful, and it was enough for her to decide to ask her husband to come here for the Finding Trueself Workshop! I'm so happy for them to come back often to learn more and stay healthy inside mind & body & brain!

Lolita Aulet

CGI is a great balance between traditional Spas/ Gyms and MindBody Fitness such as yoga & meditation. I can do Yoga & TaiChi classes as well as relax in a hot tub or sauna. I can also get a massage or energy healing from one of the excellent and skilled Eastern holistic wellness practitioners. It is rare to find such balance at any other facilities that are usually only holistic or totally physical fitness without the combined guidance or expertise. The pool is the best and won't leave any chlorine smell or feeling. The spa services are the best way to relax and keep up with much needed self-care. Take the tour!

Marlene Stefanelli

Walking into CGI makes me feel like I am going home. Immediately I am greeted by warm and caring staff members who are waiting for guests to arrive. CGI has something for everyone who wants improve their health condition . The facility is immaculately clean and bright. You can really get in touch with your spirit, body and mind. I especially love the spa , steam sauna, hot and cold pools . I also enjoy joining the energy yoga classes that are offered throughout the day. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to relax and let go of the stresses of their daily lives.

Felicia Somma

The first time I walked into CGI I felt welcomed and was treated like a member of their healing family. Years later the staff always greets me with a bright beautiful smile. The facility offers so many different programs. Workshops for mind and body connection to swimming classes for children. The private Healing sessions have helped me with sciatic pain. I highly recommend CGI Holistic Wellness. My health has greatly improved. I feel better now than I did in my 30's.

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