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The Center For Pranic Healing South

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The Center For Pranic Healing South

5 Reviews
Lori Munn
I learned Twin Hearts Meditation; and later Basic Pranic through Advanced and Arhatic Yoga. It changed my life; removed Karmic obstacles; and taught me methods and practices founded in Pranic Healing Science to lead my life and help me conquer problems or issues that might disconnect me from Love and Light and helps me so much to not be discouraged in life. It has brought me many blessings, understanding, wisdom and introduced me to the husband/wife team who are Masters that I love so much. Master Glenn Mendoza and Master Marilag Mendoza who I think do not sleep and teach all of us online and in person and in classes and retreats so we do not fall. LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Atma Namaste ??
Lisbeth Ljung
Ian beliving in the great work you show me healing is powerful and give joy happiness and goddess into outer life iam beliving into this pranic healing center all hope and know this is the future life iam optimistic iam follow you thank you marilag and the great wisdom of a powerful higher source and yourney

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The Center for Pranic Healing South Florida, 9070 Kimberly Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33434, USA
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