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In Scandinavia where Viveca grew up, she obtained a Masters in Dance. She later became a Master Pilates instructor, a trained boxer and award-winning body builder. In dance, she trained at the internationally renowned Stockholm Ballet Academy and studied under Billy Goodson in Los Angeles. In fitness, Viveca learned Pilates straight from the lineage of Joseph H. Pilates himself. Passion and experience led Viveca to combine all these experiences and achievements to create PILOXING cardio fusion. Today, the PILOXING community extends to over 80 countries, including for example Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, and the Philippines, coordinated from its new headquarters in Burbank, California. The Academy estimates that tens of thousands of people have taken PILOXING classes in the last year around the globe.


In 2009 Viveca drew elements of dance, Pilates and boxing to craft a new inter-disciplinary exercise program, and she branded it PILOXING. In 2010, Viveca realized her dream of bringing the PILOXING brand to fitness enthusiasts around the world and the Piloxing Academy, LLC was created to educate and license fitness professionals to teach PILOXING fitness programs. Since then the Academy has certified PILOXING instructors in over 85 countries around the world. Following the success of the PILOXING SSP, the original PILOXING cardio workout, the Academy launched its 2nd program, PILOXING Barre, in January of 2014, and its 3rd program, PILOXING Knockout, in February 2015, providing a variety of formats to suit different exercise preferences.

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Denise Keyes

This was a great workout. The dancing, Pilates and boxing, makes cardio fun! I am definitely going back! .??

Kelly Brennan Netolicky

I have the home version and is definitely my soulmate workout! !

Leticia Malphettes

It took a while for me to get into this program, but once I can follow the whole SSP program without having the feeling of wanting to faint �, I FALL IN LOVE with this program! My students and I become stronger, sleeker and more confident.

Anthony Joseph Holthaus

This stuff is the best workout I've ever tried they added it for a class at my work and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately they eventually took it of the class schedule which I was disappointed. I had to fork out money on the video and finally got weighted gloves to do at home. I enjoy piloxing and brag all about it everyone thinks I need to shut up lol. I was getting something out of it. Now I got the videos I can keep at it. It's a great workout. I'm the only guy who even did the class but I didn't care. I'm going to join the piloxing movement

Allison Laurence

I have been taking and teaching PILOXING for 6 years now and it NEVER gets old! This is a program that anyone can do, gives GREAT results, and is always fresh and FUN! Love Barre and Knockout too!

Donna Pellegrino

Excellent total body workout! A lot of fun too. I have been taking this class for some time now and notice such a difference in how I look and have acquired incredible core stability as well as dynamite looking calves! I especially love the ballet moves!

Monica Zapata

So proud to be a part of the Piloxing family and honored to teach 3 high quality fitness formats that truly drive results and impact the lives of so many, both mind and body! Piloxing is for every "BODY". Cheers to good health and well being across our entire Piloxing team and students!!

Koni Piloxing MT

I taught all kinds of group exercise formats from Zumba, Aqua, Step, HIIT, Aerial Yoga, Kickboxing but fell in loved with Piloxing. I describe Piloxing as "love at first movement." I am honored, grateful and happy to be part of this amazing program. I get to share my Piloxing story and do what I love the most: EDUCATE, INSPIRE and CONNECT with amazing fitness professionals and participants across the globe! My happiness comes from watching others succeed! My philosophy is that fitness is best when shared with others in a friendly, supportive and uplifting environment. Piloxing mantra: Sleek, Sexy & Powerful......inspiration!

Cece Tsou

We adore Jordan! We know she's out of town a lot, but we do try to make her classes when she's around. All of the instructors are energetic and motivational. It's a full body workout with great cardio blasts. I'm always drenched! Thank you for having such a high powered, fun, momentous class...and with great music to boot!

Antonija Tokić, Croatia

“PILOXING changed every part of my life. It built my character and showed me that I was much stronger than I thought.”

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