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Roots Yoga Studio

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Roots Yoga Studio

53 Reviews
Karen T.
I’m an RYT myself, so want to be sure that where I practice has sound teaching technique– Ginger has selected excellent people who are vigilant about safety and working within the limitations. It’s a very personal experience and you always feel welcomed, encouraged and supported; the time here just flies. There’s a nice balance of class choices geared to different needs, plus special workshops. Scheduling and sign-up is easy even at the last minute. You only have to look at the smiling faces of people leaving class to know it’s a special, happy place.
Alexandra G.
After going through an extremely difficult time post partum, at 22 I developed severe anxiety on top of sudden onset type 1 diabetes. I started taking yoga classes at my local gym and decided to try Roots yoga after getting my toes wet. I got the one week pass for new students and have been there 3 times this week. It is truly an incredible place. The studio has benefited me more in the past week than any doctor has even come close to. It brings me a feeling I haven’t felt in years. I highly recommend this studio to anyone who wants to try yoga for any reason. The instructors and owner are just as wonderful!

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