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About One Joyful Yoga/Waconda Bay SUP

Safe, joyful classes on the peaceful Waconda Bay Dedicated to exploring the restorative qualities of Purna Yoga â„¢ yoga classes on land and water. offerings include Monthly Retreats featuring active asana and restorative yoga classes, Heartfull meditationâ„¢ and/or SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga classes. Yoga therapy by appointment. Purna Yogaâ„¢ is the complete yoga that includes alignment-based asana, heart-centered meditation and healthy life-style choices, including nutrition.

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One Joyful Yoga/Waconda Bay SUP Reviews

5(5 reviews)

Kelsang Yongchog

The teachings from such an experienced Buddhist nun are fantastic and the lovely people I have met there are great. I feel very at home here.

Javier Cobo

The classes here are really useful in helping to think through things, become more peaceful and, ultimately, live a happier, more confident life. The readings, conversations and classes have practical, real world usefulness, regardless of your religion. I have not considered myself a religious person, but I have benefited a lot from going here and have learned about myself and practical ways of managing stress and sadness.

Kit Gianas

I have known Resident Teacher Gen Demo for over 14 years and she is kind, wise, funny and very "down to earth". She is one of the most skilled teachers in the New Kadampa Tradition and D.C. is fortunate to have her. The community at this Center is warm and welcoming and their intention is to support meditation and mindful living. Highly recommend KMC DC!

Christian Gauthier

I'm so enjoying the new Temple. We have been having classes downstairs in this very spacious area and it's peaceful and relaxing. I would totally recommend this place to anyone!

Monica Heiser

Small and cozy, the teachings are incredibly practical. I'm enjoying getting to know the diverse community and build friendships that center around meditation. Highly recommend for beginners and advanced mediators alike! Do not have to be Buddhist to attend.

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