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Kadampa Meditation Center

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Kadampa Meditation Center

4 Reviews
Kristin Jenn Strout
The positive energy is palpable as one approaches the Center, and undeniable once you enter. Regardless of any current or previous religious or spiritual affiliation, the guidance and wisdom that one receives from the teachings can only benefit daily life. No matter what is occurring in the outside world, engaging in mediation allows a reprieve that has an extraordinary ability to permeate beyond the mind. The unique children's program also allows critical life skills to be modeled and developed from a young age. I recommend this facility with the utmost confidence that it will increase peace in not only those who attend, but also amongst all those with whom attendees come in contact.
Zany Toher
I hve bn studying & participating in the Foundation Program for a few years now. It has made me happier w/ what I have and who I am. It has helped me 2 b kinder, more loving & compassiinate toward all, not just my loved ones. I hve patience and am working on being more accepting of others I don't understand. It is wrkng 4 me.

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