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Heartsong Yoga Center

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Heartsong Yoga Center

6 Reviews
Malena Denton Mcclure
Barre3 is a very professional & still very caring group of instructor's, always helpful an non judge mental , and always with a smile. Robin is a great business minded lady with still concern and time to help everyone. I have not had all the instructors , yet ! But the one's I have , Sadie , Shannon , Carrie , Lauren & Robin , You all are great ! Keep up the hard work & I look forward to class every time I walk in . Thanks Martie
Mary Dean Acosta
This has been the most challenging classes I have ever experienced. I have really noticed the strength and shaping that my body has gained. I would recommend this to anyone for progress. So glad I found Barre3.

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Heartsong Yoga Center, 264 N Main St, East Longmeadow, MA 01028, USA
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